Nightmares on Wax album launch: 20/08/08

Though the memory of last night’s Ibiza Rocks gig was still firmly imprinted in my brain – and to be honest, as fun as it was, once this week was enough for Miss W (or so I thought) – I had an inkling that I’d be San Antonio bound again tonight. Why? The launch of the highly anticipated new Nightmares On Wax album, ‘Thought So…’

So it was back to the Ibiza Rocks hotel for Miss W, only instead of the stadium style rock gig, this was more of an intimate style basement gig, housed in the Electric Area of the hotel.

Well, I had been thinking recently that I should start living the rock chick part as well as looking it!

As I strolled into Ibiza Rocks Hotel for the second time in two days, I was very glad I’d chosen a completely different outfit (tonight opting for a fluoro orange micro-skirt that actually became MORE fluoro under the lights – I totally felt like it was my 15 minutes of fame every time I danced beneath a spotlight), as I’m sure I spied more than one familiar face lingering around the lobby!

Speaking of familiar faces, there was many a music industry insider on hand for the event, from promoters to DJs, managers, musicians, filmmakers and producers – the Nightmares On Wax crew have a huge following around the world, with a very strong Ibiza faction showing their support. You’ve gotta admit, it’s just the perfect music for an afternoon on the beach, an early morning after party, getting ready to go out or just a chilled out vibe, wherever you are, helped by the fact that the ever-so-lovely main man, George Evelyn aka DJ E.A.S.E lives in Ibiza all year round, inspiring a fierce loyalty amongst locals – Miss W included.

From the minute DJ E.A.S.E took to the decks (and the computer and technical, err, stuff on the stage!) it was clear that he had complete control of the room, getting the entire dance floor grooving, to some classic NOW tracks before hitting us with new material that Miss W is DYING to get her hands on!

With the help of the amazingly talented vocalist Ricky Ranking and ultra-cool Chyna Brown and Ella May (who both have the voices of angels), the trip hop-eneurs, as they’ve dubbed themselves stayed true to the classic NOW sound, chilled, soulful and one hundred per cent cool.

For almost an hour and a half, the crew kept us dancing, arms in the air, singing along, really feeling like a part of something special – something Miss W thinks will be hard to top as we’re approaching the tail end of summer.

My top tip? Buy the album, pronto – this is one of those CDs that is practically an investment, as you know it will never date and stay on high rotation on your iPod for many a year to come!


THE GOOD: Nightmares on Wax Sound System live (that’s DJ E.A.S.E. plus vocalists) totally changed my perception of live music gigs – the mix of cool people, fabulous music, sensational live vocals and a warm, friendly atmosphere was so far removed from last night’s sweaty, out-of-control mosh pit that you’d hardly believe you were in the same venue, and I can easily say it was one of the best nights out I’ve had this summer. And ten points go to George’s pint sized gorgeous daughter Mali, on stage and dancing along to Dad’s gig surely hours after her bedtime…

THE BAD: It was a shame that such an amazing band were relegated to the small, basement bar of the hotel – while the intimate vibe was cosy and nice, we think Nightmares on Wax could have easily taken control of the outdoor stage and shown Ibiza Rocks Hotel how it’s really done.

THE GOSSIP: Miss W heard there were a couple slightly confused tourists attending the launch with the intention of grabbing some freebies, presuming the ‘free album launch party’ flyer meant guests would receive a CD – no girls, it meant free entry – a rarity in Ibiza! Supporting the artists by actually buying the CD after you’ve just witnessed an incredible free live gig (and received a free t-shirt) is the whole point of the promotion!