Café Mambo Opening Party: 21/05/09

cafe mambo

Another day, another sunset – isn’t that just one of the best things about living in Ibiza? While I’m well aware the sun has been setting in exactly this place for an eternity, today saw the crowds converge upon iconic sunset institution Café Mambo, on San Antonio’s sunset strip, to celebrate 15 years of sunset worship in this very spot. Yes kids, the day of Café Mambo’s official 2009 opening party had arrived.

From early doors there was plenty of buzz about the terrace, from eager-beaver holidaymakers (identifiable by their outfits just a little to skimpy for this weather, full faces of make-up and pinkish tinged complexions) and the super-keen newcomer season workers (clutching CVs and CDs, depending on what type of work they were after), all wanting to nab the prime position sunset spot – though Miss W can tell you from years of experience, there is no better seat in the house at Mambo than the DJ booth… it’s just a shame the DJs are too busy looking at their equipment (or was that the lycra-clad promo girls?) to appreciate the view!

This privileged position was a hive of activity indeed as legendary Ibiza chill out DJ Jose Padilla gave us a sample of what’s in store on his forthcoming CD mix in honour of Mambo’s 15th birthday. Lingering in the wings were Café Mambo stalwarts Jason Bye and Alex Wolfenden – who, might I add was looking resplendent in a blue shirt that matched the colour of his eyes so perfectly I don’t think it was a coincidental coordination – plus newcomer Tom Peppe and a host of other resident DJs from all over the island trying to get in on the action. A case of too many DJs spoil the booth? Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying!

Outside, the ‘Mambo brothers’ Christian and Alan were the ultimate hosts, whisking those special enough into the VIP area below the DJ, doling out drinks aplenty, smiling duly for the TV crews milling about (yes really!) and generally creating a welcome atmosphere that would continue well into the early hours.

Sadly, the hazy weather meant that Mambo’s first official sunset of 2009 was pretty much non-existent – while the sky was a lovely range of pretty pinks and lavenders, there just wasn’t that magical moment where you glimpse the dome of the sun melt into the sea, meaning the dramatic musical moment was also a bit lost on the guests. Oh well – plenty more where that came from!


THE GOOD: Being on hand to celebrate 15 years of Café Mambo magic – where do we start? While Miss W isn’t old enough to have witnessed the bar in its early days, there were plenty of old school Ibiza locals on site tonight who were waxing lyrical about the good old days AND singing the praises of the iconic institution Mambo has ultimately become. Here’s to the next 15 then… and the 15 after that!

THE BAD: Driving out of San Antonio after sunset, the traffic was well and truly reminiscent of summers gone by – a sure sign that the season has begun. Must remember to take the back roads next time!

THE GOSSIP: Was that Jason Bye spotted behind the bar serving drinks at one point? Were Café Mambo so understaffed that they needed to rely on their resident DJs to lend a helping hand or is it more the fact that Jason is such a part of the family he was simply helping himself rather than create extra work for his co-horts? Hmmm…