El Ayoun closing party: 06/10/08

Is anyone else sick and tired of having to wear wristbands that declare their right to party in Ibiza or is it just Miss W? I mean, I totally see the point but quite often the bold colours really just don’t match my outfit and the sharp plastic edges tend to snag my clothes. So tonight as I reached the teensy tiny entrance to El Ayoun, I must admit I was totally thrilled at the fact the wristbands were at least slimline and black – totally in keeping with the Rock Chic dress code.

A strictly invite only affair, El Ayoun’s closing is renowned as one of the best parties of the season and after today’s bad news that DC10 had indeed been closed for one year by the authorities, the blow was softened a little for many people upon hearing that tonight’s special guest DJ at El Ayoun would be none other than Circo Loco (and Miss W’s) fave Luciano. Judging by the amount of people milling about outside the venue and trying to talk their way inside, not to mention the crammed dance floor, packed terrace and busy bars, this was a draw card that seemed to turn tonight’s closing party into one of THE events of the century.

With the entire terrace and restaurant cleared of tables, it was clear from the minute I stepped inside that this was set to be one enormous party indeed. We managed to shimmy our way through the heaving dance floor of Privado to check out the swish sushi lounge only to discover that GASP! It had been turned into a super-exclusive VIP area not even Miss W was allowed access to. Humph…

My consolation prize? The doorway to the sushi lounge is situated directly behind the DJ booth, where the ever-so-gorgeous Luciano was already well and truly into his set and to be honest, when I took a step forward I felt like I was literally standing in the booth with him. Sigh… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If only he wasn’t a happily married man…

But I digress! Once Miss W managed to drag herself away from pole position beside the decks, it was the business of people watching that had her attention. And if you couldn’t indulge in a good spot of people watching tonight at El Ayoun, well then I think you must have been blind!


THE GOOD: People watching of course! From Ibiza’s infamous Pippi the Panda Lady, resplendent in her gowns and with white teddy bear in to Cocoon dancers, local socialites, a gaggle of superstar DJs including Dan Ghenacia, Pedro and Steve Lawler, the gorgeous Base Bar and Es Vive crew and the eclectic French jet-set, tonight had more eye candy than a day at Blue Marlin – wow! Even That Person Formerly Known As Semi-Boyfriend was there – well, even I have to admit he’s still cute…

THE BAD: While Miss W was actually the designated driver tonight (a girl’s got to help out her friends every once in a while) it didn’t stop tales of ruthless bartending reaching her ears – refusing to serve anyone they didn’t recognise, spending more time talking than serving and even keeping change before it had the chance to be offered as a tip. It may be the last party guys but it’s certainly not the time to lower El Ayoun’s normally very high standards – last impressions are as important as first ones in my book.

THE GOSSIP: If one thing can be said for Luciano, it’s that he’s a certainly superb party DJ. But just how far into his record bag did he have to dig to please a crowd of whom probably 70 per cent had never been on a DC10 or Cocoon dance floor in their lives? Blackwater? Show Me Love? God Made Me Funky? While Luciano’s made a name for himself adding 70s, 80s and 90s acapellas over his mixes, Miss W couldn’t help but wonder if the singalong ‘greatest hits’ style finale of his set tonight was a little TOO reminiscent of a school disco?