Bam Ba Lam at Novum: 30.07.10


Photography by Eli Zuta

Dancing? In the daytime? Don’t mind if I do! Especially when the party in question – Bam Ba Lam at Novum – begins early on a Friday afternoon and I can close the computer early and attend in the name of work… now that’s what I call kicking the weekend off in true Ibiza style!

At 7pm – just late enough to be fashionable, just early enough to catch the stunning sunset views over the Santa Gertrudis hills – Miss W and the White-ettes made their entrance at Novum, whisked through the security (and may I say, there was quite an army of them) by event organiser Maya Claughton and swiftly shown to the VIP area, where a frosty chilled bottle of French champagne with our names on it was waiting…

If only every party we attended was this hospitable! But I digress…

The atmosphere at Novum was like that of the early afternoon Easyjet flight from London – everybody knew one everyone and their friends of friends of friends and they had all purchased some Very. Special. Fashion. Ensembles. For the occasion. Skinny fluoro jeans were still high on the agenda, and for girls, it was all about fine-pleated frocks, Chanel style or mulit-coloured playsuits and elaborate headpieces – oh sorry, I mean fascinators – resulting in a very photogenic crowd to say the least!

A special stage area had been set up on what is normally the terrace restaurant area of Novum, which did leave me to wonder what was happening to the regular clientele tonight. However as the dusk settled and the crowd grew in size, I realised that an event of this scale was probably even better for Novum’s bottom line than a room full of diners. I could be wrong, but it was hot and these people were thirsty…

Hot new act Tensnake (he of the song-of-the-moment Coma Cat) had been announced as playing at 7.30pm, however surprise surprise (or NOT!) his set was pushed back to the sophisticated sunset hour of 9pm. Mojito in hand – and may I take this opportunity to say it was the very best mojito I have ever tasted in my life, thank you Reunion Bar – Miss W mosied on down to the dance floor, mingling with girls wearing sparkly face paint and bindis, and DJ geeks waiting for the real musical action to begin.

By the time the DJ of the moment came on stage, the atmosphere was electric – one of those ‘real Ibiza’ moments that you had to be there for. Arms in the air, girls dancing on podiums with hula hoops, waiters carrying around cutesy trays of takeaway sushi and above all, amazing cosmic disco floating over the airwaves to the delight of the really, really, really (to quote Zoolander) good looking crowd.

Of course all good things eventually come to an end, however the clever design of Novum means at the very least, the ending can be postponed by shepherding the crowd inside into the soundproofed club area once the music finishes outside at midnight.

However, with the distinct gut feeling that I may just turn into a pumpkin if I continued partying, Miss W made a sneaky back door exit at that exact moment – I would have loved to stay, really I would… but there were just so many other places to go and people to see on the same night!

Bam Ba Lam at Novum with Tensnake (LIVE): 30/07/10

Photography by Eli Zuta


THE GOOD: Bringing that early-afternoon festival vibe to Ibiza. Sunshine, smiles, cocktails and plenty of vibrant fashion plus the open-air ambience made it feel as though Ibiza had finally entered the era of the festival. Bravo – while we love our nightclubs, there’s something about dancing in the open air in the daytime that money just can’t buy. We hope there’s a next instalment.

THE BAD: Being denied entry into the valet parking when we arrived, despite the fact it was empty! I’ll admit we weren’t driving a Rolls Royce that’s for sure, but we were in fact invited guests of the party…

THE GOSSIP: Rave in a cave? Did someone say rave in a cave? More than one source hinted at the fact there would be an exclusive after party at around 5am… at somewhere that rhymed with rave, but unfortunately, without any more helpful information, Miss W and the White-ettes decided to party hop elsewhere. Who was there? Was it good? Let us know!


Photography by Eli Zuta