Beach Azuli @ S’Estanyol: 10/09/08

This summer Miss W has come to look forward to the monthly ‘secret’ Azuli parties on the beach – guaranteed to deliver good music, a host of beautiful guests and above all, the opportunity to dance on the sand, beneath the sparkling Ibiza sunshine, something that has become somewhat of a rarity these days thanks to the ever-changing laws and noise restrictions on the island.

So when September rolled around, the first things on my mind were what, when, where and who? What date would it happen, when would I find out, where would it be held and who would be the guest DJs? Add in another who – who would be attending?

Well, today I got the answers I’d been looking for when at 12pm I was notified by text message that Beach Azuli would indeed be happening today at one of my favourite places, the gorgeous cove of S’Estanyol. With special guest DJs David Piccioni, Rob Marmot, Antz, Oliver Lang and Ian Blevins – island DJs (all very easy on the eye if Miss W may say so herself) happy to donate their time to a good cause, supporting the Danny Torres Foundation – the charity that profits from today’s event will go to. Awww bless…

As per usual, Azuli didn’t fail to impress me – in a week of uncertain weather, it was blue skies and high temperatures aplenty, with the sunbeds on the beach booked out just minutes after the party started and the jugs of sangria being refilled faster than you can say ‘salud’ as is the custom in Spain! Add to that a combination of Balearic classics and disco party favourites, a sandy dance floor that filled up the minute the sun went down, super cool guests including James Blunt (who was only too happy to make a more than generous donation to charity), local DJs and plenty of clued-up residents and you’ve got yourself a foolproof recipe for a fabulous Ibiza beach party.

Will there be another? Miss W hears that there will be an extra instalment in the Beach Azuli sessions at the end of September – stay tuned for a full report!


THE GOOD: Azuli boss David Piccioni proved that people in Ibiza really do have a heart and party for pleasure, not profit by donating all profits from the event to ASPANADIF, an association for parents with disabled children from Ibiza and Formentera. Three cheers to David and let’s hope more DJs and promoters of his calibre follow suit.

THE BAD: Although the Azuli party is by invitation and word of mouth only, guests were asked to make a ‘suggested’ 20€ donation to the charity. Miss W was surprised to hear that many island residents only donated their loose change – or worse still, promised to come back and donate ‘later’ with the idea that ‘paying’ to get into an event was something they shouldn’t have to do. You know who you are – and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

THE GOSSIP: Tongues were wagging all over the island when Beach Azuli DIDN’T happen on the first Wednesday of the month as it has for the previous three months. Was it due to the fact their previous venue has been temporarily closed due to an incident involving a very Swish London nightclub threw a party on the premises? Or was moving it to the second week it a clever ploy to keep authorities off the scent of what has become a very successful day-meets-night party?