Blue Marlin Opening Party: 02.04.11

Blue Marlin, Opening Party 2011

It was with a heavy head that Miss W arose very late in the afternoon of the Blue Marlin opening party this year and I suspect that was the case for at least half of the island’s population, given the numerous celebrations taking place the evening (and carrying well on into the morning) before. Yes, Ibiza is officially back in the business of partying!

But of course, duty called, so after a very heavy application of concealer and some super-dark sunglasses (thank you reVOLVER! Last summer’s Emergency Shades came in handy yet again!), it was out into the sunshine and off to the shores of Cala Jondal to do it all again. Joined by the White-ettes and Ibiza super-snapper Ana Lui (check out her awesome gallery of photos here) we arrived with enough time to catch a few hours of the sun’s rays, a huge reminder (along with the perfect 20-degree weather) that summer really is just around the corner.

I have to admit, people watching at Blue Marlin is a bit of a hobby of mine. The amount of effort many people go to with their ‘special Blue Marlin ensembles’ never ceases to amaze me and today was no exception. Sky-high stilettos, despite the fact you’re dancing on the sand, sparkling sequined dresses worthy of the Pacha VIP even though you’re in the hazy daylight, OTT rabbit-fur vests even though the sunshine is making you sweat and bikinis and denim shorts after dark – these girls clearly plan their outfits in advance, and goddammit, nothing will make them change it.

The amount of chicas jostling for the full-length mirror in the bathroom was also quite funny. I’m positive many of them went back for hourly make-up touch-ups!

Blue Marlin, Opening Party 2011

Clearly, this was one person who didn't have to worry about their outfit for the opening party!

Away from the real-life fashion shows, it was Blue Marlin in all its glory – magnums of champagne being whisked deftly into the VIP, sunbeds draped in glamorous Euro-bods (and quite a few little trendy kids too, I might add), last night’s ravers still in action and cutting moves on the crowded dance floor and so many different languages being spoken (or shouted, given the volume of the music) throughout the multi-cultural crowd.

Before making my stealthy back door exit just before midnight (really, it’s way too hard to try and navigate the crowd to say goodbye to everyone at these type of events) Miss W spied a very chuffed-looking Blue Marlin owner, Yelle Oomes, holding court behind the DJ booth. Well, you’d be pleased too if that was your first day back in the office too now, wouldn’t you?


THE GOOD: Bueno musica! Bravo Valentin Huedo and Vidal Rodriguez, for delivering more than just your average Balearic beats – by the time the sun went down, these guys were playing to a full dance floor (and I’m talking hands-in-the-air and reckless abandonment) and dropping bomb after bomb, all night long. Loved it.

THE BAD: As is often the case with opening parties in Ibiza, waiting quite a long time to be served at the bar and being pushed from pillar to post out on the deck!

THE GOSSIP: Is it true that Blue Marlin were only allowing sleek, sassy and sexy cars into the official parking lot for the sake of appearances? The official word on the subject is that it was for VIPs only – which explains the bevy of BMWs, Mercs and Porsche Cayennes – but Miss W spied some bona fide Blue Marlin VIPs (not mentioning any names!) being ushered into the fields next door because their rugged, classic Ibiza style 4WD didn’t seem to cut the mustard!

Blue Marlin, Opening Party 2011