Blue Marlin Sunday Sessions: 29/06/08

To be honest, though the opening parties are over, Miss W is (shhhhhh!) absolutely shattered. Tired. Needs some time to escape. Wants some secret hours in the sun. So the minute the wonderful team at Blue Marlin mentioned that there was a vacant sun bed on a Sunday, I literally leaped at the offer!

And considering the fact Miss W was responsible for entertaining a couple of Australian journalists for the weekend, it seemed there was no better place to pull up pew (and show off just a little) than Blue Marlin it’s like minimum effort, maximum gain – fun, sun and games all round. So to speak!

Today, Miss W and her crew couldn’t have been more impressed – Ibiza turned on her charm, to incorporate crystal clear warm waters and the sunniest skies imaginable, not to mention the most attentive service from the Blue Marlin crew… all the way down to ensuring my beach umbrella covered my face but not my shoulders. Way to tan guys, thank you!

With a new menu courtesy of Planet Sushi, Miss W was in heaven – sushi is my favourite food in the world you know – and continued to graze all day on the tuna and salmon sashimi on offer, whether in a roll, as part of a tartar salad or simply raw. There’s just something about the beach that pairs so well with sushi, no? Not too heavy, not too light… I almost felt like the Ibiza Goldilocks… juuuuuust right!

Of course, once the sun goes down, Blue Marlin starts to heat up – many of Miss W’s friends seemed to be arriving by the minute to sample the delectable dinner menu, while others were taking note of the Balearic beats supplied courtesy of none other than island Flamenco fave Paco Fernandez – joined on the PA by his son, an experience Miss W was ever-so-happy to have witnessed – make sure you head down there and check it out for yourself next week!

For me, Blue Marlin is the ultimate day out – beach, sunbathing, dining, dancing – what else could a girl want? My guests left the venue with raving reviews (and in fact, one of them was contemplating changing their flight just to come back the next day) and I am 100% in agreement – this my friends, is A-list Ibiza at its best.


THE GOOD: Location, location, location. Need we say more?

THE BAD: The number of girls who think it’s appropriate to dance topless at a beach restaurant. Maybe Miss W is too much of a prude, but while I’m all for no tan lines, there’s something about jiggling breasts on a dance floor (complete with long beaded necklaces as an accessory) that doesn’t agree with my sangria. Bikinis are a fabulous two- piece fashion item after all…

THE GOSSIP: There were whispers that a ‘very famous international DJ’ was going to grace the decks today, however it was not to be. Perhaps the PR staff need to tone it down just a notch?