Cala Jondal is where it’s at! 25/08/09

You know, it’s hard for Miss W to actually label any beach as her particular favourites, but Cala Jondal must come as close to perfection as any other shoreline in the world. Huge, glossy grey pebbles, soft, silky sands and gentle, crystal clear waters set amongst a stunning backdrop of rocky cliffs. Am I right, or am I right?

Having spent a couple of weeks with my head down and fingers typing in August (along with being out and about in the name of research of course), I decided that this week would officially be the week that Miss W worked on her tan. Sunshine was definitely in order – I mean, a girl can fake bake any time she needs the extra glow, but nothing beats the feeling of the real deal.

And although I had the best intentions of checking out different locations across the island, in the end, it was the pebbly shores of Cala Jondal (easy to find parking, no traffic to fight and a mere ten minutes from my house) that got my vote for three days running – hard life, isn’t it? Check out my downtime schedule…

Day 1: A relaxing Saturday afternoon, at the far end of Jondal and on the sands in front of Tropicana with visiting friends. What a cool, chilled, relaxed atmosphere – and quite possibly the best club sandwich on the island by the way! Miss W and some selected White-ettes chose to flit between a shaded table and some poll-position sun beds for the entire duration of the afternoon. The perfect chillout experience before the hectic Ibiza weekend kicked into gear.

Day 2: A divine day bed at Blue Marlin. After a night spent dancing at We Love… Sundays at Space, Miss W and Semi-Boyfriend were tired enough to spend a week in bed, however as that would clearly be ridiculous and a waste of the sensational resources Ibiza has on offer (not to mention just a little too forward for Miss W’s VERY conservative standards), we booked a king-sized bed at Blue Marlin to rest our weary heads – for one afternoon at the very least. I also managed to score some VERY cool Wonder Woman-esque red leather slouch boots in the Blue Marlin boutique, something I have been lusting after for almost a year now – result! A little bit of gossip for you – none other than Queen Latifah was lounging on the bed next to us. How very glam indeed!

Day 3: A long and leisurely late lunch at Yemanja. Have I mentioned before how much I actually love this restaurant? While my entire group of friends ordered the famous paella, I indulged in the sensational chicken salad. I’ve eaten a lot of chicken salads on this island and I must say, Yemanja is my number one. Particularly followed by a sunbathing session on the sun loungers positioned right by the turquoise water – absolute heaven. If I could sleep here, I seriously think I would…


THE GOOD: The clarity of the pristine Cala Jondal water – I was seriously swimming next to Nemo at one point!

THE BAD: The new breed of beach going girls who seem to think that its cool to swim complete with their beads, oversized earrings and bangles – look, I understand the need for sunglasses when you’re in the water, but surely the bling can take a backseat for a few minutes?

THE GOSSIP: Cala Jondal is definitely a people watching and celebrity spotting destination these days – I mean, the amount of shiny black Hummers parked outside pays testament to the fact – but Miss W has to wonder why people don’t at least have the courtesy to wear their sunglasses if they are going to stare? Subtlety is the key, my darlings…