Nassau Beach Club Opening Party review: 16.04.11

Nassau Beach Club, closing party 2010: 06/10/10

Photography by Ana Lui

Miss W has never arrived early to a party in her life. You see, I like to be fashionably late. I like to make an entrance. I like to be sure the party is going to be in full swing, so I can get straight amongst the action. However in the case of Nassau Beach Club’s opening party last Saturday night, Miss W was (gulp!) actually the very first guest to arrive…

Oh OK, I wasn’t literally the first, there were still scores of people milling around the sun lounges on the sand, sipping sangria and mojitos and generally looking like they were winding down after a day on the beach.

‘Donde esta la fiesta?’ I thought to myself… when I spied a chalkboard announcing the party’s kick-off at 8pm. Well, if you’re going to be fashionably early, I say embrace it and swiftly ordered myself a mojito and decided it would be a nice change to kick back and watch the ultra-glam, fashion parade-esque stream of guests swan in…

Fast-forward four hours (and four more mojitos – in the chilly winter months I’d forgotten just how good they are!) and the party was in full swing. The restaurant was full with many familiar Ibiza faces – namely restaurateurs scoping out the new menu additions, party people getting back into the socialising groove and concierges ensuring the Nassau standards were as high as previous years (indeed, they were!).

Nice little touches noticed by Miss W (obviously arriving early has its perks!): the sparkly new diamond-esque table settings, heaters outside on the terrace for all the smokers no longer aloud to light up indoors, pretty little paper lanterns lining the entrance and decking along the terrace.

At one point, the music – courtesy of DJ Andi Piper, very dressed up in a swish suit jacket for the occasion – reached a fairly loud volume… and as I mused that perhaps it was a little too loud if you were still eating dinner (mind you, it was well after midnight at this stage), the fabulously flamboyant Mucki Braun (the matriach of family owned and run Nassau and Las Salinas hotel Casa Munich) breezed past me and declared, ‘This is Ibiza darling. It’s loud.’

I couldn’t have put it better myself!


THE GOOD: The island is busy. The island is packed! The summer seems to have arrived early, given the amazing weather and the volume of newcomers flooding our beaches, restaurants and bars right now. Well done to Nassau’s team, for catering to such a huge crowd in such a smooth, seamless manner… you’d have thought it was mid-August, not their third day on the job!

THE BAD: The body-popping antics of a young Prince William wannabe (who happened to be popping to a young Fergie clone, now that we mention royal look-alikes!) on a banquette in the bar before midnight. That sort of behaviour (and those appalling dance moves!) are best left for behind closed doors in a private member’s club… not in our beautiful beach bars!

THE GOSSIP: Another opening party, another car park chock-full of glossy black SUVs… Either a new car dealership in Ibiza is lending out vehicles for each occasion or these black beauties have all been safely locked away all winter, because I certainly haven’t seen them cruising the Ibiza streets until now!