Jason Bull’s birthday party at s’Estanyol: 12/06/08

When a local taxi driver WON’T take you to a venue because it’s too off the beaten track, you instantly get the feeling that the destination is DEFINITELY worth the trip, no matter how complicated the journey.

At least, that’s how Miss W feels, and when she discovered the location of Es Vive and Base Bar main man Jason Bull’s annual birthday bash – S’Estanyol – she quickly roped in the assistance of a friend with a jeep and hot-footed it to the hills behind Talamanca to get in the thick of the action.

PK2, the restaurant perched on the edge of the tiny beach cove only accessible by a dirt track has long been a favourite of in-the-know islanders, party promoters and after-hours aficionados – as much for its seclusion as its stunning surroundings. With a camouflage-net covered terrace accessorised with draping white curtains, rustic wooden furniture and amazing home-cooked food along with a powerful Funktion 1 sound system, it’s the ideal place to throw a party for a few hundred of your closest friends.

For the effervescent Mr Bull, an enormous paella was lovingly crafted to feed the masses – a predominantly English crew Miss W was quick to note – who mainly chose to linger on the sands while the sun was still high in the sky before milling onto the terrace after dark. Despite opening party week work commitments for many of the invited guests, the 4pm kick-off time was definitely not too early, and before we even knew it, it was time to relocate the party to none other than the infamous Es Vive hotel.

Who was still on hand to keep the fire burning? The who’s who of Ibiza’s party scene of course – while we won’t spill the beans on who was still hard at play once the rest of us had arrived in the office the following morning, we will say that the party lived up to its wild reputation as one of Ibiza’s finest non-clubbing social events of the year.


THE GOOD: The birthday boy of course! With that much charisma and energy to spare, it’s no surprise that guests flew in from all over the world to help celebrate Jason’s big day.

THE BAD: We love S’Estanyol but have to admit it is an absolute nightmare for transport. It’s all well and good if you have a designated driver, but when a party of this magnitude happens, we’d like the option of leaving the car behind.

THE GOSSIP: When you’re the owner of one of the island’s coolest party hotels, it’s only natural that the party kicks on in the ‘privacy’ of your establishment long after all other venues on the island have closed for the night. Miss W heard reports that a certain well known island DJ was still MIA at 4pm the following afternoon… lost in the depths of Es Vive we expect!