Ushuaia Opening Party: 29.06.10

Ushuaia Opening Party - 29.05.10

Photography by Annie Peel

Oh. My. God. Where have all these people come from? Seriously? One week I’m wandering along Playa D’en Bossa beach, embracing the zen-like peace and quiet and the next, there are thousands of sunbeds set up on the sand, a sea of enthusiastic partygoers descending upon the area (dressed to the nines despite the heat) and a driving, thumping bassline carrying across the airwaves.

This can only mean only one thing. Ushuaia is back, and Luciano and friends are at the helm!Nursing a little bit of a sore head courtesy of the previous night’s International Music Summit and Pacha antics (owwwch!), Miss W had pledged to meet the White-ettes by the DJ booth (where else?) but actually finding them was another matter once inside the door. Although the sand and surrounding dunes were also packed with people, the only two bars were inside, meaning mayhem ensued, as around 3000 (though I’ve heard reports it was closer to 5000) thirsty ravers battled their way to the bar for refreshments.

Eventually we were reunited, VIP wristbands were obtained and we set about on our mission, to find the very best position in the house to enjoy the party. Behind the DJ Booth? Nope. As much as I love Luciano, the new DJ booth is surrounded by glass and combined with all the body heat coming in from the front, it became an instant sweat box (a certain Cadenza sidekick was looking not his usual handsome self by the time I avoided the air kiss with his sweaty face!). By the bar? Errr, no. See above paragraph! Out in the garden? No, couldn’t hear the music well enough. In the VIP area? Well, while you could definitely find a little patch of sand to call your own, all the day beds had been booked out weeks in advance so not ideal.

Ushuaia Opening Party - 29.05.10

Photography by Annie Peel

In the end, we surveyed the festival like atmosphere of Ushuaia and realised the people who looked like they were having the most fun had all climbed up onto the sand dunes, so we followed suit. What a revelation! The view was simply stunning as the sun began to set over Playa D’en Bossa and we had panoramic views stretched out in front of us – though my only complaint was we couldn’t peer closely into the DJ booth enough to see Luciano himself. Oh well – there’s always Pacha next Sunday night!

A strange but sweet little touch on behalf of the organisers – little trays of canapés and sticks of tomato and mozzarella were being handed around the bar area and VIP, perhaps because there was no possible way, given the sheer volume of people in attendance, that the Ushuaia kitchen could function normally. Tables were being used as podiums after all!

Out on the water, there were some super cool types who had sailed their yachts in especially for the occasion, moored right outside so they could check out the action before deciding whether to come to shore and join the party. And what a party it was. Think the chaos of Circo Loco, combined with the glamour of El Ayoun and Ushuaia fell somewhere between the two.

One thing’s for sure – an event of this scale is NOT a little weekly underground beach party, as it originally started out to be last year. Let’s hope the momentum keeps steam rolling over the course of the summer and see just how big it can really get!


THE GOOD: The combined energies of such a mixed crowd – all nationalities and all ages were united by the music at Ushuaia today – was a total buzz. It may have been difficult to find space on the dance floor, but whether they were in the sand dunes or right in front of the DJ box, the crowd were definitely all dancing to the beat of the same drum!

THE BAD: Seeing all the party people being pushed, shoved and treated like cattle (by each other AND by some very pushy and aggressive promotions staff from Another Club Night) while waiting in the queue outside, and generally being made to wait for up to an hour to come inside, when all along they could have simply walked up from the beach entrance and gotten in with no problem whatsoever.

THE GOSSIP: Breaking their usual tradition of having a huge opening party on a Sunday, this year super club Space – right across the road from Ushuaia – had opted to open for two days, however Miss W heard whispers that it was very quiet until around midnight, when Ushuaia’s party wound down. Well, when a free party is held right on the sand, with the man-of-the-moment DJ and it’s such a beautiful day, where else would you rather be?