Nassau Beach Club: 18/07/08

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Ibiza? No sooner have you come home from a day on the beach at Blue Marlin with the White-ettes than a Very Special Friend invites you to spend the following day with them at the island’s hottest new beach bar slash restaurant, Nassau Beach Club. Quite frankly, Miss W thinks it would be rude not to, so off to Playa D’en Bossa she went!

Now, before I get too carried away raving about how fabulous my day was, let me start by telling you that I had a few pre-conceived notions about Playa D’en Bossa, most of which involved a certain beach club that had always put me off visiting the area – to each their own, but it’s just not Miss W’s taste. So it was with hesitation that I selected my outfit for the day, my latest splurge, a Missoni bikini combined with a gorgeous Antik Batik kaftan and the piece de resistance, a HUGE black Jackie O style oversized floppy hat, intended to hide my identity rather than risk being discovered in the PDB hood.

But no sooner had we been escorted to our plush sun loungers in the white sand (so far away from That Other Place it was practically another world) than I whipped off my hat, flicked my hair back into place and couldn’t wait to see who might spot me sitting (oh, ok I was totally posing) in this prime position – I can tell you right now that Nassau is seriously THE new place to be seen. Yes folks, Playa D’en Bossa has a new player in town and Miss W wants to be on their team.

Or at the very least, be a member of the cheer squad!

From the minute I started to feel peckish, freshly made wan-tans seemed to magically appear on the table by my sunbed and no sooner than my throat felt parched than an icy and spicy Bloody Mary materialised for my sipping pleasure (though to tell you the truth, I suspect my Very Special Friend may have been in cahoots with the waiter to ensure the drinks and the food kept a-coming! Either way, I was in heaven!). The only extra thing I could have asked for was a good looking lifeguard to come and fan me down when the temperature started to rise – though I suspect that would probably be a tad excessive, especially when crystal clear water like this is just metres in front of you!

After a few hours spent working hard at our tans, we relocated to the restaurant to indulge in a late lunch – the goat’s cheese salad is simply out of this world – followed by my favourite pastime, a spot of retail therapy.

Nassau’s boutique managed to put a serious dent in Miss W’s credit card
– most notably with a sheer black paisley jumpsuit from Reina & Roses and a beautiful bronze necklace that seems to perfectly accentuate my hard earned tan – before she managed to drag herself back to the sunbed.

Would it be wrong of me to come back tomorrow wearing them both?


THE GOOD: The delectable ice creams served at Nassau are (almost) better than a frozen dacquiri as a way to beat the summer heat. Actually, the entire dessert cabinet gets my vote – yummo!

THE BAD: The fact that the day beds are completely booked out before the sun has even reached its peak – it’s just not good for the skin to be out in the sun during those hours but then again, missing out on one of those plush, comfy beds seems like a fate worse than sunburn!

THE GOSSIP: Eyeing off the staff at Nassau is a little bit like watching fashion TV – all exceptionally good looking and incredibly well dressed, however Miss W couldn’t fail to notice the lack of Roberto Cavalli uniforms in the house… perhaps today was casual Friday?