Fashion TV boat party: 19/08/08

Just when I thought I was ready to hang up my disco boots (more like rock band boots but you get the point) for the night, one of those spontaneous Ibiza party experiences presented itself and I was forced to make an on-the-spot decision, something I never normally do. Usually I like to consult my hypnotherapist, yoga guru, several White-ettes, the Semi-Boyfriend and at least one of my cats before even considering the wardrobe options for the evening, but last night I was faced with two choices and no one to turn to for advice so I had to put myself to the test.

The choices were pretty simple really. Go home to bed or to join the ultra-exclusive Fashion TV crowd on board an enormous cruise liner in the port. Was bed ever really an option for Miss W? I think not…

After an interesting journey to actually arrive at the enormous Fashion TV vessel, The Black Diamond (a water taxi, brief stint at walking and short taxi ride later), which was moored at the very far end of the new marina, I have to say, I was not feeling at my most fashionable best. Humidity and hair are not the best of friends in Miss W’s world.

Without a highly skilled team of hair and make-up artists at my beck and call however, it seemed I had to grin and bear it – or wear it as the case may be! As I approached the black mega-yacht (seriously, that’s what FTV call it!), I was in awe of the sheer scale of it – this is not some charter boat decorated with FTV banners with some models swanning about on deck, this is a custom built floating entertainment complex complete with swimming pool, three nightclubs, a casino, VIP cabin, lounge area, restaurants, catwalk (of course) and even a gymnasium along with 100 cabins for guests to stay overnight.

Not a single detail of the boat had been overlooked when it came to design – every last tile, tablecloth, glass, plate, staircase, door and window was embedded, embossed and emblazoned with the famous FTV diamond logo, in an impossibly chic way of course. As one would expect at such an event, models were a dime a dozen, along with the FTV camera crew on hand to capture all of the action, making me check my hair, make-up and outfit in every available reflective surface at least once a minute… just in case!

The party itself was quite a low-key affair, with all guests casually lounging on the two upper decks by the pool or lingering by the bars (Miss W also noted most guests steered clear of the buffet table upstairs – well, it is Fashion TV after all sweetie darling!) and DJ Rob Marmot providing a subtle-yet-sexy techno-laced soundtrack to the event which was a welcome respite from the usual cheesy house music that such events tend to play.

Leaving the boat as the sun was about to rise, Miss W was pretty happy that she’d decided to follow her heart and not her head, when she decided to stowaway tonight – as Marilyn Monroe once famously said, beds aren’t meant for sleeping in!


THE GOOD: The chance to check out a James Bond-style mega yacht in all its glory – all I can say is wow!

THE BAD: The many empty bars, rooms and dance floors on board – it seemed there were only a few hundred people on board a ship that is intended for thousands, giving it the feel of a party that hasn’t didn’t quiet get its groove going all night.

THE GOSSIP: The sheer size of the Black Diamond meant you couldn’t help but notice it’s presence no matter where you were stationed in the port, however the lack of publicity surrounding the party had Miss W wondering exactly who the party was intended for as there were very few Ibiza faces on deck. Is it possible I may have actually gatecrashed a private event?