Carl Cox closing party @ Space: 09/09/08

Here we go, here we go, here we gooooo… That’s the tune Miss W had on her lips tonight, as we headed towards Space to bid farewell to Carl Cox & Friends, who were wrapping up their incredibly successful ninth season on the island and at Space. To quote Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz, ‘People come and go so quickly around here, don’t they?’

With the briefest of all club nights, at a mere 10 weeks long, it’s no wonder that crowds flock to this popular night – you’ve gotta get in there quick! Though it may be the shortest season, in terms of line-ups, as I’ve said before, it’s definitely one of Ibiza’s finest. From underground techno heroes and breakbeat wizards to drum and bass über-stars and acid house pioneers, the night is one for party lovers and enthusiasts alike.

Miss W falls somewhere between the two categories, so wasn’t about to miss the final show. Carl Cox & Friends is notorious for long queues and generally the wait to even enter the hallowed doors of Space can take up to an hour (generally this is put down to low ticket prices before midnight, a move the promoters should be congratulated on) but thankfully Miss W knows how to wink her way to the front of the queue, so catching the tail end of Carl Cox’s sunset terrace set wasn’t a problem!

The it was into the dark discoteca, where Loco Dice – one of the DJs on the island that Miss W thinks would be a very good Potential Boyfriend, if only she could actually met him face to face – was playing his trademark bouncy techno, carnival style music that could make even the most stubborn dance-hater (not that there are any in Ibiza) get a wiggle on. And he’s just so darn good looking, how could anyone not want to be up close to the DJ booth!

Bushwacka! entertained with an eclectic tech/house set on the indoor terraza, including a remix of Bille Jean that sent the crowds into a frenzy. Production wise, the white face painted Space stilt walkers strutted their stuff, sending the crowd into hysterics, a giant white sheet was flung over the entire terrace like a parachute then swept off to a roar of approval, the stunning Space dancers did their thing one last time with extra gusto and the spectacular laser show was more dazzling than Tiffany & Co diamond ring.

Miss W thinks a very big round of applause must go to the Filthy Gorgeous crew, who hosted the jam-packed El Salon room and a standing ovation to Mr Doris who played to a very crowded Premier Etage for over seven hours – wow!

With friends like these… it’s no wonder this finale was such a success.


THE GOOD: The enthusiasm and energy of the big man himself hasn’t waned after all these years, which is nice to see in an industry that can sometimes seem a little jaded. What a nice guy indeed…

THE BAD: What? You mean it’s over so soon? Miss W can’t help but think that if Carl and his buddies extended their season, Ibiza’s September tourism numbers might get more of a boost. If the government is encouraging longer seasons, then surely the clubs hosting the nights should give the promoters a bit of a friendly nudge in the right direction too?

THE GOSSIP: German techno legend Sven Vath was spotted in the DJ booth, high fiving Carl Cox for a few minutes as guest Loco Dice finished his set, but didn’t hang around to watch any of the other acts. Perhaps he was just tired after the previous night’s Cocoon party?