Miss W doth protest! 04/08/08

Before this story gets started, Miss W must tell you she is totally not one for conflict. Hate it. Avoid it at all costs. Just not my thing. I’d rather smile and nod and then go home and whinge about it later (sorry, I know that is totally uncool, but I’m just telling you how it is).

So there I was, just going about my business, strolling down Vara De Rey with a café con leche in my hands, ready to do some serious damage on my credit card in the sales when I noticed a bit of a commotion in the square. Apart from the usual vagrants milling around there seemed to be quite a few – no, make that quite a lot of the island’s most well-known residents looking as though they were there with a purpose that was probably a lot more focused than my idea of shopping for something I didn’t even know I wanted yet!

Being the curious cat that I am, I wandered into the square to enquire of my friends just what it is they were all doing in one place – since a lot of these characters were totally creatures of the night, it seemed a little strange seeing them in daylight. And lo and behold, if Miss W hadn’t walked smack bang into the middle of a peaceful protest, against the new laws preventing daytime parties and the closure of DC10.

While DC10 may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Miss W does believe that by closing it and prohibiting dancing in the daytime, the government seems to have curbed one of the most amazing aspects about Ibiza, which is the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want. And so it was with this attitude in mind that I forgot my quest for the perfect pair of killer red high heels and joined the protest march, chanting ‘LIBERTAD! LIBERTAD!’ in unison with the crowd until I actually lost my voice – today I am sounding very husky indeed (something my Semi-Boyfriend finds incredibly sexy and I just find downright annoying!)

From the square in Vara De Rey down to the port gates where the crowd sat down in protest, air horns ablaring, and adjacent car stereos providing the soundtrack, then onto Isador Macabich and coming full circle (well, it’s more of a square but you get my point) back into Plaza Del Parque, at one point there was practically a media frenzy trying to capture the moment, with the DC10 crew in full force (who were conveniently available given the fact it was a Monday), complete with girls in skimpy outfits and tiaras, tattoo covered security and gorgeously tanned and smiling bar staff in the centre of the action waving DC10 flags.

Miss W must admit, by embracing my inner Yoko, I had one of the most fun afternoons ever – no invitation required!


THE GOOD: The positive energy and smiles all round from protesters – surely an indication that the clubs and laws in question are affecting the good citizens of the island as well as the bad?

THE BAD: The numbers. While 500 or so people is a good turnout, Miss W was surprised that the DC10 army of thousands didn’t turn out to support their cause and ultimately make a difference – sadly, it looks at this stage as though the club is destined to be closed for yet another 12 months.

THE GOSSIP: There seemed to be no one person actually leading the protest, meaning it took a good couple of hours before it kicked off. We needed a hero to start a chant and a march right from the outset…