Does Ya Mama Know? It’s just a disco! 20/02/09

Ibiza residents have got themselves a bit of a reputation for loving a good disco, which comes as no surprise really, given the fact we are actually living in the clubbing capital of the world by choice. But when we say disco, we’re not talking Afro wigs, Studio 54 or John Travolta – the Spanish translation for nightclub is literally discoteca, so really what we are probably referring to is a venue.

But all that is about to change as tonight’s installment of our favourite party at Grial involves a glitter ball, a dash of Saturday Night Fever (despite the fact it’s Friday) and a whole lotta authentic disco sounds at Does Ya Mama Know? It’s just a disco!

It’s pretty common knowledge round these parts that Miss W loves a bit of sparkle, so in preparation for the soiree I made a last minute dash to my local rock chic boutique reVOLVER (seriously squeezing in the door just minutes before they shut up shop for the night!) for inspiration, and I found it in the form of the most A.MAZING a sass+bide Bronze Rats leggings. It was true lust at first sight.

Please let me just say this about that – these pants are KILLER! If there is one item I cannot live without from the über-cool Australian brand it is this and I figured why play safe with the black option when you can razzle dazzle your way through life in living colour? Expect to see these as you look down on the dance floors all summer now – dammit, I’ve given the secret away already.

But back to the disco – to Miss W’s dismay, there was already another pair of disco diva legs attracting a lot of attention on the dance floor by the time she arrived, after the clock struck 12 of course! Vying for the spotlight was a fabulous pair of glistening black sequined-all-over skin-tight pants, almost enough to have me surrendering from the battle – but what can I say? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…

Later on, the dance floor was proving to be a battlefield in more ways than one. Two very talented disco queens (who shall remain nameless!) were offering up their very finest moves – including some particularly impressive splits – in a dance-off with two unsuspecting Japanese tourists, who turned out to have some super-stylin’, body poppin’, show stoppin’ moves themselves. Everyone’s a winner!

The serious disco artillery was brought in via special guest DJ Serge Santiago, who regularly graces our shores in the summer as a We Love… Space resident. However tonight it was a different kettle of fish (or bag of vinyl in this case) as we were treated to a musical journey taking us back to the days of ’54 and beyond. We’re pretty certain Serge is not actually old enough to remember this music (Miss W certainly isn’t!), and suspect he may have pinched it from his folks but regardless, the man was nothing less than a disco-tastic genius, getting rave reviews from all and sundry – even a 16-year old local DJ who had no idea what he was in for when he arrived.

Just a disco? Never in Ibiza – it’s always oh so much more…


THE GOOD: Has anyone else noticed how the artwork for this party just keeps on getting better and better? Their weekly flyers and posters – designed at the hands of Hjordis Fogelberg Jensen, the artistic brain behind Pacha magazine amongst other things – are like miniature works of art, with witty wordings and quirky quips to match the fab designs.

THE BAD: Considering the fact tonight presented an amazing chance to strut your stuff on the dance floor, it seemed a lot of revelers preferred to hang out at the bar. Was it just all a bit much after a long week of work or was it the fact there were no giant disco balls hanging above the DJ to give them that extra motivation?

THE GOSSIP: I love this little party but at the moment I’ve got a problem with it – the word is getting out and it’s no longer our little secret. At about 1am tonight a tour load of people seemed to appear, fresh off the bus to stop in for a bevvie but I guess I can’t really complain – the more potential boyfriends for Miss W the merrier!