Grace Jones live at Space: 09/08/09

There’s been a date looming all season in Ibiza that feels a little more like Christmas than a club night, thanks to all the pre-event propaganda, buzz and anticipation. But this is no ordinary club night – this is the night the legendary disco diva (and iconic Ibiza party girl) Grace Jones makes her official return to the island for her debut performance at Space, thanks to the team at We Love… Sundays in conjunction with record label Wall Of Sound. And of course, Miss W was on hand (high on a private VIP podium) to report on all the action…

If people’s Facebook, Twitter and MySpace statuses today were anything to go by, the entire island were planning on descending on Space to witness the statuesque performer’s Ibiza comeback – in fact, Miss W managed a sneak peek at the VIP guest list and can confirm Leonardo Di Caprio, Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters and even Sir Elton John would be making an appearance. Wow.

The cavernous discoteca had a purpose built stage rising over the regular DJ booth, and a smaller, makeshift booth posing in front for the two DJs (David Phillips and Lottie) keeping the masses entertained before Ms Jones took to the stage. You wouldn’t normally imagine a seven-piece band inside one of the world’s most famous clubs but in fact, it was a feat that was easily achieved. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

But down to the main attraction. At around 2.40am, when the club was full to capacity, a hush fell over the room and Madame Jones herself appeared goddess-like raised high above her band, in front of a white screen in an amazing ensemble of a white, cone-like headpiece and a quirky glittering mask.

Oh. My. God. What an amazing, hypnotic sight to behold. Those legs! Have you ever seen anything like them? Those glittering red lips! Most importantly – the voice! Grace Jones is indeed a towering powerhouse, all lean muscle, androgynous glamour and 100 per cent attitude, everything I’d ever imagined and then some. I have to admit, I was a little lost when she was singing songs off her new album Hurricane however when the classics came out – and you know the ones I’m talking about, La Vie En Rose, Pull Up To The Bumper, Slave to the Rhythm (more on that later) – it was almost pandemonium! The amount of mobile phones I saw held up in the air filming and photographing the show, it looked like the modern day equivalent of lighters being held in the air as you swayed along at a concert – only these days, you get a much more permanent souvenir.

Between each song, the diva ducked backstage for a minor costume change, but she continued to chatter away while she wasn’t visible. Flitting between French, Spanish and English, the singer – famous for her two-and-a-half octave contralto voice – twittered away about Ibiza, vino tinto, the amount of space inside Space, her band and her famous friends, at one point thanking the many people she had experienced Ibiza with in the past, including film director Roman Polanski… a fact which may have been a bit lost on some of the younger crowd, but not Miss W!

Pinpointing a highlight of the show is difficult to say the least, however when Ms Jones was positioned under a spectacular pyramid of lasers, ricocheting off her amazing hat and into the crowd, it was definitely an out-of-this world experience. And for the finale, that one final moment that will stay burned into my brain forever? The 61-year old super woman hula-hooping her way through the entire seven-and-a-half minutes of Slave to the Rhythm, while retaining perfect pitch… and let me tell you, it didn’t even look like the slightest effort for her and anyone who has ever tried hula hoping will attest that even 30 seconds is almost impossible without having to sing at the same time. Let me say it one more time – WOW!

A standing ovation please, to the living legend that is Grace Jones – a view to a kill indeed…


THE GOOD: Having the extremely lucky vantage point of being able to witness the show from a special raised podium strictly reserved for photographers, camera crews and lighting rigs meant Miss W got an incredible bird’s eye view of the entire performance. Result!

THE BAD: I’d read reviews of Grace’s live shows prior to the night, just to get an idea of what to expect (Miss W hates surprises you know!) and I was a little bit disappointed that she didn’t do the complete costume changes in between each song (she did make minor changes however, whether it be headgear, jackets or accessories). I guess the scale of Space’s makeshift stage vs the enormous Hollywood Bowl might have had something to do with that!

THE GOSSIP: There were whispers going around the club before Grace’s 2am set time that the diva would not be performing til 4am, that she’d only do 3 songs or in fact, that she wouldn’t turn up at all. Have a little faith, gossip mongers! Grace was but a mere 40 minutes behind schedule and performed the complete one-hour show without taking a break – not bad for a spry 61-year old!