Kylie Minogue live at Pacha Ibiza: 05.07.10

Kylie Minogue live at Pacha Ibiza

Photography by Neil Davies/Pacha Ibiza

Kylie Minogue. Been there, done that, got the VIP wristband. And now the time had come to use it, the time when what was quite possibly the island’s worst kept secret would finally prove to be true. Once inside Pacha it was clear Kylie would indeed be joining the Swedish House Mafia for a special guest appearance – on a custom built stage complete with her name up in lights no less…

Wanting to ensure she didn’t get stuck outside in a crazy guest list queue, Miss W opted to grab a quick bite of sushi in Pacha Restaurante (thanks so much to restaurant manager Juanan Martinez for squeezing us in at the last minute on such a hectic night – it pays to have friends in high places!) before braving the intensity of the main room.

Word had indeed got out about the identity of the ‘Special Secret Guest Live Performance’ and the club was packed accordingly. Judging by the overcrowded dance floor, Miss W couldn’t help but wonder what David Guetta would think if he saw this… ‘F*** Me, SHE’S Famous!!’ perhaps?

‘KY-LIE! KY-LIE! KY-LIE!’ Chanted the crowd just a little before her scheduled performance time of 3.30am and I had shivers of excitement running throughout my whole body. I had to pinch myself to confirm that yes, I was indeed here… and so was Kylie… and we were at Pacha! Of all places!

And then all of a sudden, a slew of dancers took to the stage, dressed in racy black variations on the theme from the All The Lovers video clip and then in a flash, Kylie appeared in a spectacular white dress (was it Jean Paul Gaultier? Answers on the back of a postcard please!). It was sex-kitten meets Aphrodite, as the sassy cutaway design exposed plenty of flesh, yet remained sophisticated (yes, even when she was gyrating with the dancers!). As I mentally calculated the age difference between myself and the 42-year old songstress, I wondered if seven years was enough time to whip myself into that shape?

Beginning with ‘Get Out Of My Way’ – which she’d confirmed earlier at the press conference would be the second single from the Aphrodite album, ripples of pure, Ibiza euphoria tore through the venue. ‘Pashaaaaa!’ she trilled, like an excited teenager, before leading into the number one hit ‘All The Lovers’, while her dancers recreated the raunchy clip, ripping their clothes off and becoming a mass of sweaty, sexy bodies writhing around as Kylie postured high above.

‘Can’t get You Out Of My Head’ was next, to the thrill of the Kylie fans in the audience, before The Swedish House Mafia got their triumphant accolade with the debut of ‘Cupid Boy’, the track produced by one third of the team, Sebastian Ingrosso. Air horns ablaring, they jumped along in unison (probably wondering if they’ll ever have a crowd of this magnitude again on a Monday night!).

A consummate performer through and through, Kylie acknowledged her rapturous audience accordingly, gushing sincerely, ‘I’m trying to take all this in, this is amazing!’ before insisting on one more song. As the familiar bars to ‘Love at First Sight’ kicked in, she said,’ This is one you all know… this is your moment to lose it! I want to see you give me a Pacha experience – can you do that?’

‘Yes we can!’ I  thought, as a giant cannon of glittery streamers exploded onto the dance floor.

At this point Miss W had to wipe some smudges of eyeliner out from under her eyes, feeling quite emotional, I may have let a little tear (of joy! of joy!) or two slide down my cheek. After all, Kylie is my childhood hero, I’ll have you know!

To quote the girl of the moment, ‘On a night like this, I want to stay forever.’ Because what could possibly top this experience?

Kylie Minogue live at Pacha Ibiza

Photography by Neil Davies/Pacha Ibiza


THE GOOD: She was rumoured to be making a three-song appearance but in fact, it felt like more of a mini-concert with Kylie performing five songs in total. And the best bit by far was the re-enactment of the ‘All The Lovers’ film clip, with Kylie towering over a pyramid of dancers. As she herself told Miss W earlier in the day, ‘It’s simple – epic, universal love and me on the top! It’s racy, it’s hot but what pleases me most is that it is beautiful and people have felt emotion from the song and the video.’ And now the live performance too!

THE BAD: Getting pushed and shoved around like a moshpit at the entrance to the main Pacha DJ booth! Did the people in question not realise Kylie wasn’t ACTUALLY in the booth herself? Clearly these ring-ins (and yes, you know who you are) thought they deserved the VIP treatment, without paying for the privilege!

THE GOSSIP: At about 5.30am, Miss W was taking a breather in the open-air comfort of the VIP area on the terrace, when out of the corner of her eye she noticed a bunch of flashbulbs going off on the street below, where Ms Minogue was being whisked into her shiny black Range Rover to be taken back to her villa. As the paparazzi jumped on their scooters and reversed their 4WDs out onto the road in a panic, Kylie’s on-island expert security team (in a multiple Range Rover convoy) easily foiled their stalker-like plans in some clever synchronized driving moves that ensured the snappers couldn’t overtake or catch up to follow Kylie home. You go team Kylie – we salute you!

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