Manumission closing party @ Amnesia: 12/09/08

I know, I know, I know. Miss W has a slight obsession with Manumission and a tendency to go on and on about them whenever occasion allows. Well, please bear with me one last time as I wax lyrical about the final occasion for Ibiza’s favourite performance artists, as tonight marks the farewell for 2008 – and if you listen to the rumours on the island, it could well be the farewell forever – of Manumission.

Rather than listen to rumours, Miss W thought it was best she got into the spirit of things herself and had one last dance at Amnesia on a Friday (for this summer at least), one last chance to witness the shows… and let’s not forget, one last chance to mingle upstairs in the exclusive VIP area with the who’s who of Ibiza society – otherwise known as friends of Manumission.

While the action for most people took place on the stages on the famous Amnesia terrace (I must admit, I don’t really see the point of the main room being open – why go in here when the shows are in the terrace?), for Miss W, the action happens on the raised balcony looking down on the shows. Practically every single bar and restaurant owner – plus their staff members, friends and invited guests) in Ibiza had turned out to show their support of one of the original and best parties on the island. Add to that a host of island characters, DJs, party promoters, club owners, dancers, ex-Manumission staff and you’ve got a melting pot of islanders set to create a party atmosphere more like a New Year’s Eve party than a closing!

Thankfully, the balcony affords full view of the shows and Miss W got her final fix of the Coney Island Review – for the record, may I say that Baby Pin Up and her interesting interpretation of flying the flags most definitely steals the show (no less shocking-yet-impressive the more times you see it) , Mike and Claire still reign supreme as Ibiza style icons and that the ever smiling long-standing Manumission girl Giulia’s glossy red smile will be firmly imprinted on many a clubber’s brain after they’ve left the venue tonight, having been tossed a gift from her hands out of the Manumission dress-up box, whether it be a wig, feather boa or mask. And yes, given the chance I would still don the obligatory corset, sky-high stilettos and add a feather to my hair to run away and join the Manumission circus if I could.

Guess that gives me motivation to start that detox, diet and exercise regime I’ve been contemplating soon right? Well, once we’ve passed the rest of the closings that is – this week is only just the beginning of the end…


THE GOOD: What can I say? Mike, Claire, Johnny Golden, and the Coney Island Review – Manuel Albarran, Polly Fey, Elise Caluwaerts and not forgetting the unique and spectacular Baby Pin Up – thank you all for a wonderful season and we’re looking forward to see happens next!

THE BAD: In the past, the Manumission closing party has practically caused a roadblock in San Rafael (including at previous home Privilege) but tonight Miss W had no problem finding a parking space in the Amnesia car park. While some may say this is a good thing, Miss W worries that it spells a decline in the numbers attending the closing parties – surely not a good sign?

THE GOSSIP: Was this SERIOUSLY the last Manumission party ever? Say it isn’t so! The island is awash with gossip about the future of the party – from a world tour to moving clubs to branching out into film, there’s no firm answer from anyone in the Manumission camp as to whether they will continue next summer – you can trust Miss W to keep you posted on this particular topic over the next few months and give you the news as and when it comes to hand.