F**k Me I’m Famous opening at Pacha: 05/06/08

The runaway success story of last year, F**k Me I’m Famous – the French party de jour – has returned to Pacha and this year, we’re lucky enough to get the chance to head to the tongue in cheek soiree every week! Tonight, marked the official opening party and Miss W wasn’t going to miss a single minute of the action.

In order to get the full opening party experience, I decided to start the evening at the exclusive Café Mambo pre-party. As Miss W and her companions discovered, the sunset strip doesn’t exactly flourish in the rain – there wasn’t even a hope of seeing the sunset through those heavy clouds and the crowded terrace quickly cleared when the downpour eventually hit.

For those who managed to secure some space inside Mambo, a further disappointment came with the news that David Guetta’s flight was delayed and he wouldn’t be able to play his pre-party slot – trying to use her ‘glass half full’ perspective, Miss W thought it was just all the more reason to visit the club later!

And visit the club she did – after numerous costume changes, finally settling on the all-purpose weather-proof option of skinny jeans and a camisole top – thankfully Pacha – unlike many of the other clubs – has a great cloakroom for storing those jackets and brollies (and at this stage I’m wondering if I can include wellies!)

The club was absolutely heaving to capacity, and Miss W had to admit that even though she loved the main room – particularly the performances and the décor – it was nice to take a breather on the roof (when the rain finally stopped of course). Those in the know understand that this is where a lot of the real Pacha action takes place, with the head honchos spending a lot of time up here, shaking hands, signing deals, and doling out the drink tickets Ibiza’s very own ‘How to win friends and influence people’ type currency!


THE GOOD: The Pacha dancers. There’s hot and there’s smoking, but these guys are steaming!

THE BAD: Maybe it’s just me, but are the FMIF billboards featuring a smooching David and Cathy Guetta just a little too OTT?

THE GOSSIP: Ticket sellers were suggesting the rain actually would keep people away from this party – but Miss W can tell you that was not the case at all.