Space’s 19th birthday and We Love… Sundays 10th anniversary: 10/08/08

The annual Space birthday party is as much of a celebration as the opening and closing parties, and combined with the tenth anniversary of We Love Sundays, 20 years of acid house and the Chemical Brothers first DJ set in Ibiza in 14 years, after doing the math Miss W knew this was one occasion she would be crazy to miss.

But before the event had even begun, I was faced with a dilemma – yes, those of you who know me well enough by now will know that it was as simple as ‘whatever-am-I-going-to-wear?’ Waking up early in anticipation, I hotfooted it down to my favourite rock chic boutique, All Saints to snap up something suitable for the occasion only to find to my dismay, that it is closed on Sundays.

The sheer panic and terror this caused me was almost enough to make me stay in for the evening however a quick phone call to the wonderful, amazing and ultra-understanding store manager quickly proved to be a life-saving idea as Miss W was treated to a shopping session behind closed doors at All Saints, emerging in an orange and grey sequinned shift dress so striking it would put Edie Sedgewick to shame. All I can say is, thank you All Saints, you were truly my saviour! I owe you one… in fact, I think I owe you more than one!

Next up, all I had to do was shimmy my way into Space!

Thankfully, I was whisked inside the club avoiding the mammoth queues outside and directly into the exclusive VIP are set up specifically for the Chemical Brothers performance, with plenty of time to catch the always-amazing Nic Fanciulli – who, rumour has it is about to become a full-time island resident – warming up the eager crowd.

The dance floor appeared to be in the throes of sheer pandemonium – in a good way – when the duo finally took control of the decks, complete with spectacular laser displays that wouldn’t have been out of place at a full scale rave. Thankfully for us, this was a much more civilised affair, complete with the obligatory Ibiza celebs making an appearance and giving us more to look at than simply two nerds in a DJ booth full of equipment – you know the drill, a Jagger here, a Mossy there… even Lily Allen was spied shying away from the cameras in the DJ booth, bopping along to her boyfriend’s (in case you didn’t know she’s the other half of Ed Chemical) big beat electronic sounds all night long.

All in all, it was a fiesta that made history and Miss W was happy to have been part of it – along with the ensuing after party. I’m dying to tell you about all the real action taking place here – but sadly, I am completely sworn to secrecy. Most of it is unprintable anyway – I’ll leave it up to your imaginations…


THE GOOD: Dancing with Kate Moss in the exclusive VIP area behind the DJ booth in the discoteca while Chemical Brothers played – could the cool factor be upped any more? I think not…

THE BAD: Weaving one’s way in and out of the club – there were so many people rammed into the room that it was virtually impossible to go anywhere – thank goodness for Miss W’s VIP privileges.

THE GOSSIP: Pop princess Lily Allen was overheard talking in the private Space bathrooms whilst wiping off her signature bright lipstick. ‘I know I’m an icon but I shouldn’t have to wear this every day.’ No one’s forcing your hand Lily!