We Love… closing party: 28/09/08

It feels a little bit like ‘another one bites the dust’ each time I leave the house at the moment. I mean seriously, how many more times can we say goodbye? But tonight marks a pretty important closing milestone in the Ibiza clubbing calendar, and that is the night we say adios (for another season at least) to We Love… Sundays at Space.

This is the party that pretty much everyone who visits Ibiza makes a beeline for, the party people plan their holidays around, the party that is like a mini-festival every Sunday and the party that Miss W has been in attendance at every single week this year. And now it’s all come to an end…

But before Miss W starts getting all nostalgic, let’s talk about the party itself shall we?

With a huge line-up including We Love stalwarts James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli playing back to back, deep house legend Ben Watt, master of techno ceremonies Jeff Mills and Balearic genius Alfredo, it’s no surprise that the queues outside the club were lengthy in the early hours of operation – thankfully Miss W was whisked in the side door to avoid her extra special party frock getting crumpled!

The sunset terrace, as always, was full of happy, smiling Ibiza faces (and I mean on the dance floor, not the ones hanging from the roof) and long-time residents Jonathan Ulysses and Jason Bye recieved a hugely appreciative reception as they churned out quality arms-in-the-air house music as the sun went down over the club.

The discoteca was a similar story – filling up very early to the sounds of resident David Phillips – remaining packed until the very last notes of music echoed from the booth. On the inside terraza glitter and confetti was being sprayed on the eager crowd who couldn’t have been more excitable if they tried.

For Miss W, it was hard to choose which room to spend the most time in, as all were boasting fantastic programming. In the end, it was the discoteca, where the who’s who of Ibiza clubbing were gathered behind the DJ booth to get their last dose of We Love before the season’s out.

Speaking of the who’s who of Ibiza clubbing, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Miss W seems to have developed a new crush on a Certain Boy… Bet you can’t guess who – and I’ll never tell…


THE GOOD: We Love had been running a ‘Fresh Blood’ competition all summer to unearth some hot new DJ talent and Mark Murphy was the well-deserved winner and was rewarded with an opening set on the new terraza. Three cheers to We Love for taking a risk on a newcomer on one of the biggest nights of the year – keep your eyes peeled for this talented DJ in the future.

THE BAD: Seeing the Certain Boy dancing extremely closely with Another Girl – it seems all the good ones are taken no matter where you live in the world these days!

THE GOSSIP: Pete Tong was spotted by the DJ booth watching DJ Hell perform his disco set and when a We Love staffer was overheard apologising for the lack of free drinks tickets on offer, the superstar DJ replied ‘I think I can afford to pay for some drinks myself.’ Hear hear… it’s a refreshing change to many of the other guests in the booth we suspect!