Swedish House Mafia Opening Party at Pacha: 22/06/09

Ibiza can be a bit of a jungle at times but let’s face it, I’m no Little Red Riding Hood and I’m certainly not afraid of any old Big Bad Wolf. So when I heard the theme for the Swedish House Mafia’s all-new Monday night residency at Pacha was The Dark Forest, I quickly donned my cloak, packed my basket and headed off to brave the beast.

The entrance to the forest was slightly less than ominous – think giant trees made completely of mirrored pieces and lined with fluoro green lights – but it was certainly more daunting than a trip to grandmama’s house…

After entering beneath the pretty impressive disco-tree arches, Miss W paused for a photo op on the red carpet – well, it is all about being a VIP these days isn’t it? – then eyed off the merchandise stand (learning from their friends Cathy and David Guetta perhaps?) before realising that standing outside wasn’t going to get me any closer to the action, or the DJ booth!

Once inside it was action stations all the way with plenty of spectacles to feast one’s eyes on, starting with the most incredible mirror ball in the shape of a huge wolf’s face, both menacing and disco-tastic at the same time. Cue a giant glittering red eagle, swooping form the ceiling with claws poised as if they were about to pick up some unsuspecting clubbers, huge peacock feathers with the Swedish House Mafia logo in the centre, large glittering tree branches strung up every which way and dancers dressed as butterflies, flitting their way across the stage and plenty of camouflage netting draped from the ceiling – yes this was actually Pacha, but not as we know it! Welcome to the Dark Forest indeed…

With the Funky Room and Global Room closed, the main dance floor was packed, hot and in the mood to party – encouraged even further every time one of the firework or confetti cannons fired off from the balconies above. A laser spectacular had everyone in the room mesmerised, while the Pacha dancers swanned about in skimpy black outfits and beautiful peacock feather masks.

Down to the business of the music, the heroes of the hour finally took to the booth at the late old hour of 4am (I know that’s normal in clubland but I’m still finding it a little hard to get used to these school night soirees!) and literally whipped the crowd into a frenzy. It was a very overly crowded DJ booth in Pacha tonight, with the three Swedes (not small guys themselves) cramming in plenty of good-looking female guests and a couple of token DJ mates for good measure.

The roof terrace provided a cool respite from the heat and Miss W spied many an Ibiza local quenching their thirst at the bar. It seems it was one of those nights – when everyone you know was in the club, everyone had a glint in their eyes (particularly the crew from The Shop, who were responsible for the production and promotion of the event, ensuring its success as they did with Wonderland last year) and absolutely everyone was beating Mondayitis the best way they knew how!

Miss W was particularly pleased when she was handed an ever-so-cute little black cat mask to help get into the spirit of the night. While of course, I would never actually wear it on my face and smudge that carefully applied eyeliner, it did make the quirkiest hair accessory I have worn in a long time.

Wonder what they’ll think of for next week?


THE GOOD: I love love loved the giant mirrorball-esque wolf’s head – do you think they’ll let me keep it to hang in my house at the end of the summer?

THE BAD: The promotional material promised a fancy dress arena complete with face painting, but Miss W failed to find it on the night, though there were people handing out feather boas, masks and wigs throughout the crowd. I think expected more of a giant melting pot of weirdness, perhaps taking place in one of the smaller rooms – maybe a treat the gang will save until the peak of summer?

THE GOSSIP: Which little kitty cat from The Shop crew managed to get all the island big wigs into well, sparkly pink glitter wigs on the Pacha terrace last night? They may be responsible for running some of the biggest businesses on the island, but thankfully they don’t take themselves too seriously all the time!