Ushuaia Closing Party: 04/10/09

Photography by Gabriel Vazquez
Photography by Gabriel Vazquez

If I were handing out the White Awards for the summer season of 2009, there’s no doubt the clear winner of best new party venue would be the runaway success story of the summer, the fantastical grown-up playground of Ushuaia in Playa D’en Bossa. And to prove they not only know how to throw amazing parties, but they also know how to go out with a bang, today, was the closing party to end all closing parties, a 13-hour seaside extravaganza with none other than Miss W’s favourite DJ Luciano at the helm.

(I PROMISE after today not to mention his name again… well until next summer anyway!)

After an unusual three-week rain spell, that famous Ibiza sun was out in all her glory today, shining down on the sands of Playa D’en Bossa as it gave a sun-kissed glow to all the people arriving early to make the most of their last chance to dance on the beach this year.

After flashing our invitations at the door, Miss W and the White-ettes took a stroll down the garden path – quite literally – amidst a sea of people who looked as though they were of a dressed up DC10 generation to reach the golden sands of the beach. Speaking of dressed up, Ushuaia today was an amazing source of fashion watching – from designer dresses paired with converse trainers to brash and bold bikinis teamed with plenty of bling, Playa D’en Bossa had it all.

As far as statistics go, I couldn’t tell you how many people were on that beach… judging by my standards, I would say there was between 4000 and 5000 people spanning the sand dunes, the makeshift dance floor of the seashore and the beautiful terrace area and indoor bar of Ushuaia. WOW. Can I just say again… WOW!

Not bad for a beach bar in its first year of existence on a revitalised beach where the competition is no less than fierce!

For the purposes of today’s event, a mammoth Funktion 1 sound system was installed, carrying the Latin and African infused house-flavoured grooves across the Bossa airwaves… and keeping the masses dancing until 1am, as the full moon illuminated the beach and the beautiful people below.

A Balinese-style hut had been relocated to beside Ushuaia’s signature white wooden totem pole door, functioning as a makeshift DJ booth, and to an outsider, it looked like all the action was happening in here. Luciano, Amnesia headliner DJ Marco Carola and techno legend Richie Hawtin were all in attendance, along with half of the island’s movers, groovers and shakers – though if I told you who, I’d have to kill you!

All in all, the overwhelming sense of freedom, friendship and festivities in Ushuaia today harked back to the infamous true spirit of Ibiza – you know the one? The one we’ve all heard tales of? The one we’ve been trying to recapture for quite a while now? And ohhhhhh how sweet it was!

The perfect end to a perfect summer – what more can I say?

Photography by Gabriel Vazquez

Photography by Gabriel Vazquez


THE GOOD: Daytime. Sunshine. Music. Fresh air. Beach. Party. Dancing. Full Moon. Fireworks. The true spirit of Ibiza certainly reared its raving head on the shores of Playa D’en Bossa today… and I for one, was very glad to have been a part of it!

THE BAD: There was hope on the horizon – or more accurately down in the basement of the neighboring Don Toni hotel – when an after party was announced, with wristbands being handed out to the chosen few. However, there was no sign of Luciano, Richie or Marco in the tiny, dirty sweatbox (reminiscent of a school disco) and when asked to hand over 15€ for a measly copa de Hierbas, Miss W had to wonder whether it was a privilege or punishment to be there!

THE GOSSIP: Why was Cocoon head honcho Sven Vath manning the decks at Blue Marlin today rather than hanging out with his Amnesia cohorts on the shores of Bossa? Is there tension in the ranks? Is Sven trying to steal Luciano’s newfound limelight? Or it simply a case of double bookings, too many parties and not enough time (or big name DJs) to go round? Time will tell… another good winter sound bite to chew on!

Photography by Gabriel Vazquez

Photography by Gabriel Vazquez