Ibiza Rocks Opening Party: 16/06/09

Benvenidos a Ibiza rocks Hotel

So it’s 9pm Tuesday night and Miss W is frantically rifling through her wardrobe for her very best Kate-Moss-at-Glasto type ensemble, unable to locate favourite pair of sass+bide Bronze Rats leggings (seriously – did one of the cats eat them?) and not having enough time to nip down to The Virgen Market to snap up the emerald green jumpsuit I’ve had my eye on all weekend. This can only mean one thing – the Ibiza Rocks opening party is finally upon us and as always, a fashion crisis is the source of Miss W’s perennial tardiness.

Fashion crisis finally solved via a splash of leopard print teamed with a tsubi distressed denim skirt (and yes I KNOW they are called ksubi now, however this skirt is a classic from their early days of design, so in my eyes they’ll always be tsubi) I made my way to San Antonio and the behemoth of island rock and roll venues, Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Just scraping through the guest list queue in the nick of time to catch the first chords crashing out from headline act The Ting Tings (and forgetting to collect my press pass in the ensuing rush, meaning I missed hanging out with Jordan in the VIP, shame!) it suddenly occurred to me as I watched this two-man (well, one guy and one girl to be precise) band send the crowd into a frenzy that horror of horrors, I didn’t even know WHO these Ting Ting people were! Am I getting old? Am I out of the loop? Have I lost my Mossy edge?

Thankfully, after a couple of songs I found something I could sing along to (Great DJ is the name of the song OF COURSE, I just hadn’t known who was responsible in the past), proving I was indeed worthy of a space in the moshpit, though anyone who knows me knows I actually wouldn’t step foot in there for fear of damaging a pedicured toe, spilling my beer or absorbing the perspiration from an over-enthusiastic sweaty teenager. Or all of the above. Thank god for the balcony…

Raw, energetic and cute to boot, I’ve got to say that I am now a fully-fledged, jumped-on-the-bandwagon fan of this rocky pop outfit, hailing from Manchester (according to my morning after research!) and experiencing their very first trip to Ibiza for this gig. I’d like to also officially take a leaf out of singer Katie White’s bohemian rock chick fashion book for my next Ibiza Rocks experience – liberty print mini-shorts paired with a baggy coloured tee and some funky pink frills at the back and the ultimate on-stage accessory, a pair of sequined Converse, glittering and glistening under the sparkle of the bright lights. Not unlike the Wicked Witch of the West hounding Dorothy for her ruby slippers, I will not stop until I hunt these down and get them on my very own feet…


THE GOOD: The cheap thrills of a beer buzz (in plastic cups of course) while channeling Ms Moss has always been hard to resist – and it was good to see I wasn’t the only island girl who’d made an effort with her hair, make-up and outfit for the occasion.

THE BAD: Even though we’re still easing into the clubbing season, Ibiza Rocks does kick off just a little too early for Miss W’s liking, meaning it finishes too early as well – I guess that’s why Eden are now officially throwing the huge after party, Reclaim The Dancefloor, but gosh it would be nice not to have to switch venues once the headline act have finished playing.

THE GOSSIP: That was an extreme amount of music and noise coming from just two sole musicians, and while it was amazing and made me sit up, take notice and endeavour to buy the album on iTunes just as soon as I’ve finished typing this blog entry, I’ve got to admit that I think there was some type of ‘guitar miming; (for want of a better term) and pre-recorded vocals going on here. I know I wasn’t the only one to mention it after the show… but I guess that’s the nature of modern pop music.