Ibiza DJ interview: Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin is on fire. Aside from almost igniting sparks with the speed at which he whizzes round the world, he still manages to oversee one of the hottest nights of this season at Space Ibiza every Thursday, ENTER. in collaboration with Kehakuma, which is gaining momentum every week. In an exclusive interview for White Ibiza, Michelle Robertson of Space Magazine caught up with Richie Hawtin to find out just how the whole concept was created and came together so beautifully.
How was the idea of ENTER. born?
It really came as a surprise, as we started closing Plastikman down and as I started doing the last shows in November, only then did I really start thinking or taking the idea of doing something in Ibiza seriously because I could see that 2012 was going to be open for a new project and I’d have time to really focus on something.

The idea of ENTER. was sparked when we were in Copenhagen and we had just finished watching ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ the Stanley Kubrik movie, which is about a secret community of people coming together and okay, it’s more a sexual theme, but it’s about people coming together in secret to do things they really like to do. That was the core. From there, it quickly progressed. The second thing was the Japanese movie ‘Enter the Void’.  These were the two words that were inspiring. Enter – to come into something, but not only to come into something – to be invited, and the void which is a space of no dimension. Something where anything is possible and there’s unlimited potential and that was the beginning of the whole ENTER. idea.

How would you describe ENTER. to someone who’s never experienced it?
It’s beyond the main floor, it’s beyond Kehakuma, it’s beyond the sake bar.  When you leave your home; your normal life, your town or city and come to Ibiza, you’re already stepping out of your normal life and entering something special, something different and so once you get here (to Ibiza), you’re ready and open for new experiences and that final thing is to enter Space on Thursdays, to walk through all these different rooms, different environments, enjoy people, enjoy celebration, enjoy music, enjoy technology, enjoy drinks, and have fun.

What’s the music policy?
I think musically, it makes sense. The artists balance out each other. You have the main ENTER. MINUS room with an intense techno and it’s like a black box where you enter and you lose yourself, then you’ve got ENTER.Kehakuma into a funkier vibe. We (Space and I) both want to introduce people to new artists and new sounds and then with the whole ENTER. idea it brings even more of an experience to the club than ever before.

Space Magazine – August/September issue due out August 20, 2012.

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