Outstanding 100 Ibiza launch at El Chiringuito: 28/08/09

Photography by Ana Lui

Friday after-work drinks are a long-standing working week tradition around the world, however here in Ibiza, since every day is like a weekend (and many people are on holidays!), it’s a ritual we don’t really get to indulge in that often. However on this toasty warm Friday afternoon, the last of a long, hot August, Miss W and the White-ettes were given the perfect reason to bunk off from work, sip sangria on the beach and kick-start their weekends in style…

The occasion in question? The launch of a gorgeous coffee table book celebrating the very best Ibiza has to offer – Outstanding 100 Ibiza. The concept of the stunningly photographed volume is global, spanning the world’s most cool and cosmopolitan cities, and in the case of the white isle, collated by the island’s most in-the-know go-to girl, Serena Cook of Deliciously Sorted and photographed by White Ibiza’s very own expert photographer, Ana Lui.

The gorgeous low glass coffee tables of El Chiringuito, set by the gorgeous golden sands of Es Cavallet set the scene for the launch, with artfully arranged piles of the glossy aqua-covered tome adorning each one. It was a super casual affair – island locals and representatives from the book’s pages, lazing around on low white sofas and sipping icy cold sangria de cava while leisurely flicking through the book’s beautiful pages.

The book features forewords written by some of the island’s most famous names, including style setter Jade Jagger, DJs Pete Tong and Sven Vath, hoteliers Tony Pike and Cushan Thomas, musician James Blunt, make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, restaurateur Manel Aragones, architect Rolph Blakstad and Serena herself, some born and bred locals and others who have adopted the island as their permanent home and even a few who return season after season – all island experts in their own rights, introducing readers to the many attractions of this unique and special island we all call home.

The beautiful dusky vibe set the perfect scene for a sundowner, as did the soundtrack provided by resident DJ Mr Doris followed on by special guest London’s Hugo Heathcote of ETA fame as guests either casually strolled in off the beach in kaftans and bikinis, or popped in all-frocked up for a cocktail before heading out to work, dinners or parties – take your pick!

Alongside the bevy of books were brochures detailing the Ibiza Preservation Fund, founded by Serena in order to raise funds to contribute to the island’s future – from flora and fauna to wildlife and environmental issues, causes that are very close to Miss W’s heart and one that she hopes is close to yours too and yet another very impressive feather to add to Ms Cook’s (ever-so-stylish) hat.

Miss W doesn’t want to give away too much about the book’s content – though I can tell you you’ll spot many of the 100 greatest island experiences on the pages of White Ibiza – but what I can say is that after today, I want to make it my mission to experience each and every one of the featured attractions myself – those that I haven’t already done that is!


THE GOOD: Yet another beautiful way to showcase our amazing island in all her glory – whether working as a full-glossy travel guide to inspire Ibiza virgins to make their first visit or acting as a visual reminder for those who’ve already fallen in love with her (residents included) Outstanding 100 Ibiza is a beautiful addition to bookcases all over the world – or coffee tables as the case may be!

THE BAD: For those thinking this book would be an amazing souvenir of their Ibiza holiday, you’re right… however be prepared to be stung with an excess luggage charge at the airport, as each copy weighs in at three kilograms! Thankfully, it is available all around the world so you don’t have to miss out…

THE GOSSIP: Spot some similarities to Miss W’s favourite website? Yes indeed, many of our favourite brands, shops, restaurants, hotels and villas are represented on the glossy pages – and snapped by our very talented and valued photographer Ana Lui to boot. Looks like great minds think alike…

Photography by Ana Lui

Photography by Annie Peel