Ibiza interview: Paloma Bonder, Ibiza Solutions

Paloma Bonder, Ibiza Solutions

Photography by Geoff Fenney

After studying fashion design, creating her own shoe company, winning awards and basically achieving all her goals, Ibiza Solutions director Paloma Bonder decided to leave the fashion industry and seek a new career path. It was originally a group of clued-up friends who steered her towards setting up a concierge company five years ago, having witnessed first hand just how great she was at organising holidays in her hometown of Ibiza!

Does being an island local give you an advantage in your line of work?
Absolutely! When someone else might say no, I always find a way to do it and to make it work. Being local gives me the opportunity to manifest a great experience for our clients.

What’s the biggest challenge in running your business?
Making everybody happy – that’s the core of our business. Listening is so important – to hear what people are saying and understanding their needs and dreams.

What do you love most about the job?
I love seeing the transformation when people get out of their suits, forget they’re CEOs or hedge fund managers and just come here to be human. They arrive, drop their suitcases and know we make everything wonderful for them. We have a 90 percent return rate.

A concierge is on call 24/7 – do you get crazy requests in the middle of the night?
All the time! Trust is a huge factor in our company and after five years, our clients trust us to find solutions for everything. I might get a phone call at 3am, saying 15 people are coming from Nice on a private jet right now and need somewhere to stay… we make it happen.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever been asked to do?
You get used to everything, so I don’t know what to consider crazy anymore. We’ve flown in wines from specific vineyards for one client, and for another family, we flew in a private jet full of toys, and arranged several nannies to be waiting for their kids when they arrived.

What are your favourite places?
You can’t beat a boat out in Formentera, just in the middle of the sea so silent so filling. I come from a gastronomic family and food is a passion for me, so I love Es Torrent, El Chiringuito de Es Cavallet and La Paloma – a place you can really disconnect. It’s a dream come true to be able to share these beautiful things and this amazing place where I was born.

So how (and when!) do you relax?
Not in the summer! I relax by being around the people I love and traveling. That’s when, as they say, you can finally see the forest and not just the tree in front of you. Life is all about balance and finding what you need in that exact moment. Ibiza Solutions is part of who I am now, so I always look for inspiration and postive experiences to bring what is magic and different.