Ibiza design experts: Antonio Huerta, architect

Antonio Huerta

Toni Huerta gives us a rare view behind the scenes on the latest project by Antonio Huerta Arquitectos.

Project: A superb and contemporary residential home built to the client’s specification. ‘He wanted a spectacular house, where every guest would arrive and say “WOW!”’ Toni explains. ‘Current architecture must match people’s 2010 lifestyles and this is a clear example of that.’

Location: In the area of Santa Eulalia with breathtaking views out to sea and across to Formentera, however Toni’s lips are sealed on the exact location. ‘It’s top secret,’ he insists.

Who: Toni and the experienced, passionate team from Antonio Huerta Arquitectos, Ibiza.

Inspiration: Toni says it’s difficult to pinpoint one style or another when talking about inspiration for the style. ‘In my opinion, this is a style developed in 2010 which comes as a result of mixing the New Deal of the 1920s, some works of the architectural master Mies Van der Rohe from the 1930s and the modern lifestyle of the people who will use the space for living today.’

Style and features: Contemporary and minimalist with high quality finishes, Toni worked on the premise that less is more with this project. ‘The living spaces have very little division and there are only two bedrooms in 500m2. The floor of the house and the 25-metre pool have been made with natural materials, a stone selected because its colour matches the sand of a Formentera beach and the walls are all either floor-to-ceiling glass or rocks taken directly from the excavation for the house’s foundations. Everything looks very natural and integrated with the environment, because there is no clear lines between interior and exterior.’ The house also features an amazing ecological energy system – the roof above most of the covered spaces is used for solar panels, used to heat the house and pool.

Challenges: So far it has taken more than three years for approval of the license and now another two years work is required to complete the project. Other than that, the concreting has just been finished and everything looks set to continue on schedule. The biggest challenge now according to Toni, is for you to use your imagination when looking at the photos. ‘Now it’s in the building stage, it’s all grey and dirty and doesn’t looks very nice, but in the end, it will become a great reference of minimal home styles of Ibiza.’

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Antonio Huerta

Published on November 16, 2011.