Ibiza design experts: Blakstad Design Consultants


Architect Rolf Blakstad lets us have a sneak peek at the latest project from Blakstad Design Consultants.

Project: Can Nicolau, a rural home currently under construction, designed and built to the client’s specifications for a modern finca.

Location: The house is located in the very centre of the island. ‘It has views of the country and you can also see Formentera in the distance,’ Rolf explains.

Who: The project is a collaboration between Blakstad Design Consultants and Construcciones Típicas Ibicencas. According to Rolf approximately six people worked on the project in the design and legal proceeding and a further 15 people are involved in the building process.

Inspiration: As is the case with most Blakstad projects, Can Nicolau was inspired by ancient traditional architecture of the island.

Style and features: While you’ll need to use your imagination at this stage based on the photographs, Rolf has a clear vision of the finished product. ‘The finished house will resemble a traditional finca from the exterior but inside, it will be completely contemporary,’ he says.

Challenges: ‘Licenses as usual,’ says Rolf. ‘The design process was approximately six to eight weeks and this project has developed quite quickly, consequently leaving very little opportunity for changes.’ Not necessarily a bad thing!

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Published on November 16, 2011.