Ibiza DJ interview & podcast: Mia Lucci

White Ibiza Summer Launch Party: Mia Lucci

Taking time out from her residency with Hed Kandi in Sydney, up and coming Australian DJ Mia Lucci is spending summer 2011 in Ibiza to continue working on her productions and take inspiration from the vast musical culture surrounding her. Not that she’s a stranger to musical culture – while most of her friends were fighting over toys, a five-year old Mia was making her way through her parents’ vast collection of mostly Latin influenced vinyl! Djing is her way to combine a love of congas and bongos, timbales and shakers, guiras and cabasas with the clean sound of a house kick drum. Mia performs at the White Ibiza Summer Launch Party tonight and has given us a disco-fuelled exclusive podcast to help get you in the party mood!

Podcast: Mia Lucci – June 2011 by White-Escapes, Ibiza

How did you end up living in Ibiza this summer?
I think I willed it into my life…

Tell me about the different styles of music you play…
My inspirations and influences are so varied! I love disco, I love hip hop, I love funk and soul, but I LOVE playing house music, more tech house than vocal house at the moment but I’m sure that will change again. Music is constantly changing! I was once obsessed with 60’s pop!  My tastes in everything in life are always changing… and my love for music definitely continues to grow every day.

You’ve just relocated from Australia to Ibiza… how do you feel about the forthcoming summer?
Excited and nervous all at the same time, I love not knowing what might happen next.

Where can we see you play in Ibiza?
Tonight at the White Ibiza Summer Launch Party! And then at private parties, fashion events and villas around the island…

Do you get to get out and see a lot of the other clubs while you’re here?
Hell yes!  It’s all part of the schedule, yoga, beach, food, clubs – the Ibiza essentials.

What are your clubbing or music picks for this summer?
Jamie Jones’s tracks have been consistently amazing, cool, chilled, funky, techy and non offensive or pushy. You can dance if you want to or you can just cruise and enjoy.

Do you have any island secrets, favourite places?
Casa Serge… home sweet home!

Why do you think Ibiza is such a haven for creative types?
I’m definitely no expert on this kinda thing, having only just moved here a month ago… but perhaps the fact the crowds seem willing, able, open, completely loose (!!) and looking for a good time creates an environment that allows artists to express themselves more freely and uniquely. To an artist, that’s definitely more appealing then being told how to express yourself, or in DJ terms….’play something we know!’ Grrrr…