Ibiza interview: Alexandra Sixt, SIX Communication

SIX COMMUNICATION, Ibiza events - Alexandra Sixt

Photography by Annie Peel

Events have always been a passion for Alexandra Sixt, director of Ibiza events and marketing consultancy SIX COMMUNICATION. The ultra-stylish, über-organised PR queen was busy organising and promoting her first fashion shows at the tender age of 14 – albeit with her friends as models, her mum’s frocks and in her parents house – so it’s no surprise she now excels at the real deal! In 2008, she ditched corporate Germany for the sunny shores of Ibiza, and today tells us about the differences in lifestyle, attitude and challenges she faced when setting up shop here.

Was it difficult to adjust, from corporate Germany to laidback Ibiza?
At the beginning, I was a little disappointed, because I came from a place where your day is completely organised with a planner, full of meetings and certain times for certain things. I found in Ibiza, sometimes it was taking days to get the answers I needed.

But you’ve obviously risen to the challenge?
Now I know exactly how to work with these situations! I have a core group of people – suppliers, photographers, decorators, contractors – that I have the confidence to call on and get answers right away. That first year was a bit difficult, but now I’m really glad and wouldn’t change a thing.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?
Ibiza doesn’t have a reputation as an organised island! When I’m trying to promote my business in Germany or England, potential clients automatically think it’s all about parties, leisure and that nothing will get done. Overcoming opinions like this, is the biggest challenge I face. It’s getting easier. Once we’ve managed to change their minds, they return to the island again and again.

Is there anything you miss from Germany you can’t find in Ibiza?
I sometimes miss the kind of events that you have in a big bar – in between a big party and an intimate dinner. I’m hoping NOVUM will be good for this. And even though I love being able to wear small dresses, bikinis and flip flops, I still miss dressing up for work, in a suit and high heels, so I make a lot of effort with my wardrobe so I don’t miss out!

What do you like the most about living and working in Ibiza?
Ibiza is changing right now – it’s not all about parties or hippies. We are a cosmopolitan island, we attract great tourists, we have a lot of new restaurants and bars opening but we also have plenty of businesses and offices – there are people working hard here. I love when you take a day off, you feel like you are on holidays, but when you are working, you just get on with business like the rest of the world.

Tell us about your days off – how do you relax?
My favourite thing in the world is going out on our boat, taking it to a calm place, drinking champagne and just enjoying the day. To switch off, do nothing and to leave all the ‘thinking’ that goes on in my head at home. After a few hours like this I feel so refreshed and have so many new ideas, it helps me be creative.

What about the Ibiza social scene – do you go out a lot?
I like knowing in Ibiza if there is an event, a fashion show or a party being promoted, certain groups always come together and you’ll see people you know. There doesn’t have to be a lot of phone calls or organising – in my free time, I don’t want to organise, I like to go with the flow!