iPad Magazine exclusive: Nature’s providence

iPad Magazine exclusive: Nature's providence

From truly stunning surroundings and an abundance of fresh, organic produce to a genuine passion for creating wonderful dining experiences, it seems Ibiza beach restaurant Babylon Beach is indeed blessed, in many more ways than one…


From the outset, it feels like Babylon Beach is low-key, laid-back, cool, calm and beautifully bohemian. But let’s be clear: what you get, is a lot more than just what you see! Behind the chic sandy terrace, rows of sun beds and strains of bespoke, curated music floating on the air is a team of dedicated, passionate and creative professionals, striving to bring you the Ibiza dream. Forget molecular cuisine or celebrity chef style concepts – Babylon Beach is all about appreciating nature’s providence, thinking locally and sustainably to create menus that are on an international level.

The head chef works closely with the farmers on Babylon Beach’s own farm, C’an Pere Mussona – the only certified organic farm on Ibiza – to cultivate exactly what the restaurant needs in terms of produce and livestock and works on a day-to-day basis with the local fishermen to obtain the finest, freshest catches. Experimenting with high tech modern cooking methods and developing unique cooking techniques with different types of wood-smoked (top secret!) flavours in a metal chargrill box oven is all part of the Babylon behind the scenes magic…

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