Atzaro Spring Opening Fiesta: 22/03/09

It’s spring and the beautiful people (with their beautiful kids and equally as beautiful pets in tow) are sipping chilled white wine and snacking on sushi beneath the sunshine in all its glory while the sounds of super cool DJs spinning classic Balearic afternoon tunes carrying along the fresh Spring airwaves. It’s Sunday, it’s Ibiza and therefore we must be at Atzaro

Yes, our favourite Agroturismo Atzaro today officially celebrated the arrival of spring by throwing open its proverbial doors for the season and welcoming the Ibiza public back into the fold for an afternoon and evening of fun and frivolities spread out across the beautiful property – and you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for it.

We’re talking t-shirts and jeans, dresses, leggings and boots type combinations – it is officially time to drop the coats off at the dry-cleaner (because here in Spain its not an overnight affair, you need to be prepared to part with your clothes for more than a week!), pack away the gloves and scarves and pull out the 30+ sunscreen because you know once Atzaro opens, it is pretty much summer as far as Ibiza is concerned.

While Miss W and the White-ettes opted out on the very special three-course lunch menu – the sunshine was just too tempting for us – we did make the most of the sushi bar outside (with our favourite Sushipoint hotties at the helm it was delicious in more ways than one) and pitched up position by the beautiful water feature where we were guaranteed to spy all the comings and goings, meet and greet everyone and shimmy just a little to the left once the sun went down and the music picked up.

It would take me about 17 pages if I was going to name who was there but needless to say, the who’s who of Ibiza were there – a multicultural hotchpotch of Spanish, English, Italian, French, Australian, South American, South African, Dutch…. Ohhh the list goes on. No matter where I tried to eavesdrop a different language was being spoken – ultra cosmopolitan indeed! And just the way we like it…


THE GOOD: While it may not be quite warm enough to swim just yet, feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on our faces was enough to create a room full of smiles, including even the most cynical of locals. Bless…

THE BAD: The bar – apparently very understaffed, Miss W heard tales of punters waiting for up to an hour to be served at Atzaro today and can only hope that this is due to the fact that the event was more RSVP’d than they had expected.

THE GOSSIP: Were they tears miss W spied amongst the Aussie posse standing beneath the trees? While whispers of a broken heart and a bout of homesickness were apparently to blame, Miss W thinks that the waterworks are best left at home – or in the very least, behind closed bathroom doors – after all, Atzaro already boasts two impressive water features not to mention pools. Not a good look…