A girlie weekend at Atzaro: 05/04/09

Cast your mind back, if you will, to Miss W’s New Year’s resolutions. We’re now a quarter of the way through the year and well… I haven’t really managed to get through many of them (in my defense, I am enrolled in a Spanish course and on the lookout for a potential boyfriend).

So in the interest of practicing what I preach, this weekend was all about fulfilling NYR #3 – taking a break in my own backyard. Not literally of course… Miss W and the White-ettes are booked in for a relaxing weekend away at Atzaro, the Agroturismo we’ve come to know and love after attending many events at the venue over the past few years, however never experienced completely. Until tonight…

With way too much luggage, three laptops (always on-the-job) and a whole lot of enthusiasm, we managed to shake off the sleepiness from yesterday’s busy schedule and make haste for the orange groves in order to soak up the sunshine by the pool. With a round of holiday-esque piña coladas and a platter of the finest locally made cheeses on the side of course – followed by chilled champagne and strawberries. Heavenly!

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun and before you knew it, the sun had slipped behind the hills and it was time to spruce up for dinner in the famed gastronomic restaurant. But with bathrooms like these, it was fairly obvious we were going to be late as it was just too much fun… soaking in the tub, reveling under the power jets of the shower, sampling the Campo De Ibiza products on offer and of course, swapping and changing clothes and giving eyeliner tips galore.

With two connecting rooms, we really felt like we were in a glam holiday villa and spent a lot of time dashing between rooms to see which mirror had the best light for make-up before realising we were indeed fashionably late and then hotfooted (in high heels of course) the five-minute walk to the restaurant.

With beautiful star-shaped lanterns and candles aplenty, couples were making the most of the romantic ambience – meanwhile we chose to gossip about boyfriends, ex-boyfriends and potential boyfriends alike. Miss W experienced an extreme case of food envy at the sight of some tempura vegetables and a fillet steak (note to self: ALWAYS follow your – and please excuse the pun – gut instinct when you’re hungry!) before being satisfied with a whipped strawberry dessert that felt like eating fluffy clouds.

The following morning, we were back in the same seats (feeling right at home) for the incredible buffet breakfast including plenty of fresh fruits, fluffy buttery croissants, freshly baked gourmet breads, cheeses, cold meats and fragrant coffee… We could have easily stayed for hours, however being Monday meant we needed to get to work. Luckily for us, a very generous late checkout meant we could work from the comfort, tranquility and luxurious surrounds of our villa – a very productive atmosphere, let me assure you.

Watching people stroll down towards the spa after breakfast inspired envious pangs from the White-ettes as we grabbed our computers and returned to our ‘office’. On the bright side, this was plenty of inspiration to return ASAP…


THE GOOD: Literally transporting the White Studio to an Atzaro villa for the day of work on Monday was a luxury we’re wanting to repeat daily – while we still had plenty of work to do, it certainly seemed a lot easier from the comfort of the Balinese daybeds in the gardens and deck chairs by the pool, where the wifi worked and the room service just kept on coming!

THE BAD: When you’re spending a weekend away in a spectacular hotel in the most romantic of settings, complete with champagne, candlelit dinners and room service… well, you can’t help but think the huge king-sized beds are wasted with just one person in them. I can’t speak for the other two of course, but I was missing my cats…

THE GOSSIP: After phoning room service, one of the White-ettes (not mentioning any names!) decided the voice on the other end of the line sounded decidedly attractive (it’s the European accent!) when ordering a round of piña coladas – so quickly fixed her hair and make-up before her drinks arrived – only to discover it was someone she knew!