Atzaró Fiesta de Primavera: 21/03/10

One of the many things I love about Ibiza (and there are oh so many things!), is how you can go to one event and be surrounded by so many different people, hailing from so many different walks of life, all in the one venue yet all with their own unique spin on the party. Take the annual Atzaró spring opening party for example…

On this not-so-sunny spring afternoon (dear sun, where did you go? I had been enjoying your company sooo much this week!) Miss W and her BF joined the White-ettes at Atzaró for a glass of cava or two and as we flitted between groups of friends, locals and visitors alike, we spotted at least four different types of ‘fiesta’ going on within the one event.

Atzaró Agroturismo - Spring opening fiesta, 21/03/10

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

There was the family affair, with yummy mummies and dad-verts arriving early with kids in tow, enjoying a leisurely, lazy Sunday afternoon lunch while the ever-so-lovely mum-to-be Christina Bosmans of Kids In Ibiza got a taste of what’s to come by keeping other people’s kids entertained. They’re easy to spot, the Ibiza families – hi-tech prams, oversized Prada nappy bags and of course, sporting an entourage no taller than 4 feet high.

Then there were the networking and business types, arriving late afternoon, relishing the chance to meet new, like-minded souls (and even those who aren’t like-minded) and spread the news about their own opening events, burgeoning business ventures, new partners, concepts and more. Of course, this is the time and the place for such schmoozing, as no one is feeling jaded and the vibe on the island is always filled with hopeful anticipation of the year to come. Spot them sneakily leading a steady stream of people into the comfy Atzaró cabanas and pulling out their laptops for a mini-presentation of sorts, or subtly handing out business cards at the bar.

There were also those infamous old-school Ibiza ‘names’ who’ve just returned to the island after a holiday in *insert appropriate glamorous destination here* and despite having seen and done it all over the years, they’re still keen to get involved in opening and closing parties, though you’ll probably never see them in the summer! Glowing all-over tans or ski-goggle masks are a dead giveaway, as are early afternoon shots of hierbas…

From about 7pm, there is a changing of the guards of sorts, as the parents pack up for the day, and tag team the rave brigade on their way out. This crew has only just emerged from the previous night’s slumber and are ready and willing to take the party up a notch – and you’ll easily spot them in their natural habitat by the DJ booth, the first to start dancing and the last people standing!

Of course, there are crossovers of sorts – we’d hate to pigeonhole anyone, much less be pigeon holed ourselves – and that’s what makes Ibiza, and parties like these so special. In the true spirit of one love, welcoming those who dance to the beat of their own drum is what Ibiza is all about, and today was like watching the island come out of hibernation. Combined with the humidity and the buzz of excitement in the air, this party (as always!) was clearly the island resident’s official declaration that spring has truly sprung in Ibiza – and not a moment too soon.

See you all at the next party!


THE GOOD: It goes without saying that the Atzaró opening party is always overflowing with people, no matter what the weather, so we were thrilled (yes, seriously!) to find that this year, there were parking attendants doing their best to control traffic in and out of the narrow strip of road leading in and out of the Agroturismo. Anyone who’s ever arrived late in the past will understand what a godsend this is!

THE BAD: The Ibiza rug rats pelting oranges at each other across the red carpet as we walked in. Surely they could have found something more exciting to play with in the Kids In Ibiza Corner? Although I did find the smell of smashed orange remarkably zesty and summery, this was not the time OR the place for such antics.

THE GOSSIP: It seems the good folk at Atzaró took note of Miss W’s previous blog about the 2009 opening and the chaos at the bar! Today, it was smooth sailing and speedy service all the way, with a new, simple drink ticket system in place that meant we never went thirsty… Nice one!