Behind Closed Doors at Hotel Es Vive: 13/11/09

November in Ibiza heralded a spectacular Indian summer for those lucky enough to be on the white isle – we’re talking temps in the high 20s, swimming, sunbathing, long lunches on the beach, the lot! But once the sun sinks down behind those green tipped mountains, the temperature also drops, meaning those wanting to celebrate in true Ibiza style need to seek out all-new places to party. Now that summer’s open air bars and restaurants aren’t an option, it seems that all the action takes place Behind Closed Doors…

Photography by Annie Peel

Photography by Annie Peel

So tonight, it was off to Hotel Es Vive’s Experience Bar, for the first of the intimate winter soirees taking place behind those famous turquoise gates, dubbed, very appropriately Behind Closed Doors. The sizzling sounds of an Argentinean barbecue greeted Miss W and the White-ettes as they took their seats poolside (yes! Poolside at 9pm!) amongst a posse of Ibiza’s most well known winter residents, already satisfying their inner carnivore and fuelling up for the night ahead.

After pushing our tummies to full capacity, it was time to focus on the serious business of partying. Es Vive has long been known as the original Balearic rock and roll hotel, and it’s probably safe to say that deep down in the heart of the hotel, down a corridor and (funnily enough) behind a heavy, closed door, is one of Ibiza’s most legendary party stops – the Experience Bar. Most of us have probably found ourselves there after (or before!) 6am at some stage in our Ibiza lives, making new best friends, surrounded by an assortment of dancers, DJs, modern day gangsters, sophisticated socialites and A-list celebrities. If only walls could talk, right?

But I digress! Rather than enter via the corridor tonight, Es Vive had opened up the side door to the bar, meaning we had to enter up via the stairs and led us straight to the bar – how convenient, I might add – making it feel like a whole new venue. At midnight – the witching hour when all sounds from outside must be muffled and herded behind closed doors in order to avoid upsetting one’s neighbours in Ibiza – up and coming DJ Tom Peppe took his place behind the decks, taking the party vibe up a notch as the room was quickly filled with more and more familiar faces.

Just as international DJ Nicole Moudaber drifted into the room, ready to rock the room, there was a strange whispering buzz as the music went silent. Was there a power shortage? A technical hitch? Was there going to be a speech?

No, sadly it seems a party isn’t a party in Ibiza without a visit from the friendly neighbourhood Policia, and tonight was no exception. It was Black Friday after all! But rather than let a newly enforced sound restriction stop the celebrations, the party organisers swiftly – and very impressively – put Plan B into action and cleverly maneuvered their guests into cars and taxis and sent them to Delano Beach Club at Playa Den Bossa, where the party continued until the veeeery early hours of the next day – in fact, Miss W heard rumours that the party continued on in a private villa until late the next afternoon!


THE GOOD: They say Friday the 13th is unlucky for some however it seems that the Behind Closed Doors promoters were actually lucky enough to be able to turn their misfortune into a fun change of venue, a talking point and even more of a reason to return to Es Vive in support of their next instalment!

THE BAD: The rapid change of location meant a lot of latecomers were left confused when they arrived at Es Vive, to be greeted literally with a set of closed doors. Once they realised it wasn’t a clever gimmick, all it took was a few phone calls to find the party, so all was not lost in the end.

THE GOSSIP: Despite playing by all the rules, sometimes it seems you just can’t please everyone. Whether the noise complaint came from a disgruntled neighbour or envious local bar owner (surely not!), it baffled most people at the party, given the fact that Es Vive is licensed for parties and the bar is almost completely soundproofed. At the end of the day however, you can’t keep a good party down and we hear that the Experience Bar will be open again soon, bigger, better and more sound proofed than ever!