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TANIS Ibiza – Living room luxe

London, Paris, New York, Austria and Germany, it’s natural that Tatjana Berger-Sandhofer and Nick Lording of renowned concept store TANIS Ibiza have collected style inspiration from all across the...

From London, Paris, Austria and Germany to new York and Beyond, Tatjana Berger-Sandhofer and Nick Lording of renowned concept store TANIS Ibiza have collected style inspiration from all across the globe.

Pass by their stunning showroom on the road from Ibiza to Santa Gertrudis to be immersed in a melee of fascinating approaches to design that range from tribal to minimal, all within a footstep of each other. Currently the store is awash with clean lines and contemporary cool commonly showcased in Scandinavian homes – after all, everyone’s in search of a little dose of hygge come wintertime. While that particular Danish saying and its relentless use as a buzzword is on the wane, the Scandi aesthetic of crisp, fuss-free design remains strong; its simplicity a key element of its enduring appeal. Moving into the colder months, it’s no surprise we all want to kit our homes out with pieces that are effortlessly livable, while also bringing a unique sense of warmth and style to each space. Head to TANIS Ibiza and you’re inundated with potential options that score highly on all of these points – it’s a veritable wonderland if you’re hoping to transform your home into an au courant abode. Of course, the first space normally on the list for renovation is the living room. At the heart of every home, it’s the place where most time is spent, the space where conversations linger well into the small hours and inhibitions are cast aside. The living room should be an intimate sanctuary that primarily conveys comfort, but which also incorporates sensational design and striking composition, and this is where Tatjana and Nick come in. Always on hand to offer consultation and advice, this dynamic pair are experts when it comes to taking a brief and bringing it to life, while TANIS Ibiza is a demonstration of their artistry, not to mention a constant source of creativity. Inside, the store is a deluxe den of treasures just waiting to be unearthed. From solid marble tables to majestic lamps, and textured throws to designer chairs from the likes of Carl Hansen – each a meticulously crafted centrepiece in its own right. Then there are grandiose, comfortable sofas adorned in either the softest linen or hemp, with covers available in a muted rainbow of colours. These sofas are practical too, because despite appearances, covers can be removed and washed at 40 degrees – perfect if you have little ones (or pets!) running free. Elsewhere you’re bombarded by myriad high-end brands, each showcasing the classic use of high quality materials. Think polished, solid oak sideboards, handcrafted circular tables and woven floor lamps – texture here is equally as important as colour palate. At TANIS Ibiza you can find it all – faultless design, outstanding creative vision and an abundance of bespoke pieces begging to be used in the customisation of any living room. Trust in Tatjana and Nick’s expertise and it won’t be long before a subtle sense of conviviality is rising up through the foundations.

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