Interview: Yelle Oomes, Blue Marlin


If bars were cars Blue Marlin would be a late-model Lamborghini – racy, stylish, sexy and the vehicle everyone wants to be seen in. So how did an ordinary beach bar turn into the most outrageously cool hotspot on Ibiza’s stunning coastline? The secret lies with a man called Yelle who says the glamour has evolved without any clever marketing campaigns. Blue (Marlin) met White (Ibiza) over a lunch of exquisite goat’s cheese salad and a few cool drinks to sound out the secrets of Yelle’s success.

Yelle, when did you first come to Ibiza?
I came in 1987 to visit friends, and it immediately felt like home. I then looked for a way of living so I could stay. I left my hometown Rotterdam behind me and I’ve been on the island now for 21 years.

So what did your new way of living entail?
I’d organised parties in Rotterdam so it was natural for me to do the same here in Ibiza. I promoted a few nights at the discos here and started to make some movements in the music industry.

And you haven’t stopped yet! What’s the story behind Blue Marlin?
Blue Marlin opened in August 2004 and we’ve built it up bit by bit from there. We inherited the name Blue Marlin from a Brazilian folklore tale of Yemanja [which is the restaurant next door] and the Blue Marlin. This really is the year for Blue Marlin because it is finally complete – we’re opening a fantastic new VIP lounge this summer in conjunction with Moet & Chandon.

Blue Marlin is famous for attracting the, well, famous! Will the VIP lounge be big enough to hold your many celebrity guests?
We have everyone here from royalty and models to film stars but it’s a relaxed place, anyone can come here – VIP or not. Who’s the most famous person? I couldn’t really say… We have too many famous people here to mention any one in particular.

Well, who would you most like to see on those glamorous daybeds?
Mick Jagger!

Describe for us the perfect Blue Marlin day… what should a first-time visitor sample?
Start with a natural juice of carrot and apple while you’re relaxing. For your meal, try our delicious spaghetti vongole with fresh clams – you can’t come to Ibiza and not eat seafood! After your meal rest on the beach and have a nice cocktail, like a mojito or caipahrina. For the truly perfect day finish with a massage on the beach – the masseurs are great!

Do you pick the Blue Marlin DJs yourself?
Oh yes! The DJ’s are hand picked by me and I direct the music. We have a mix of old and new, different styles together and we play lounge music for creating a really chilled atmosphere. I like to have live performances down here too. We have the famous flamenco guitarist Pace Fernandez on Sundays, which is very special.

We’ve heard you’re a DJ yourself; do you ever spin a few tunes for your guests?
I do DJ but never down here – I have too much else to do!