Ibiza life coach: Embracing the change of season


Do you feel a resistance to getting out the winter wardrobe? Does your heart and mind long for the continuation of lazy summer days? Are you already booking flights to chase the sunshine? Why not surrender to the change of seasons, if you are not doing so already?

Embrace the beautiful change!

Ibiza feels softer in September, after the crazy August highs (and occasional lows) – it’s like you can feel the island breathing deeply and exhaling a satisfied, smiling sigh.

Autumnal smells from the moistened earth encourage us to pick the figs and pomegranates and to burst a symphony of flavours in our mouths from the black grapes that beckon us from the side of the Ibiza country roads.

Change always happens in in cycles, as reflected in nature. Whether you are moving on from a relationship that has sadly (or happily) gone its separate ways, or are moving house or work situation, remember that we are always moving forward, in continual cycles of beginnings, journeys and endings.

Rather than holding on to what may have already gone, you can enjoy the abundance of learnings, opportunities and new flavours and richness that each new chapter proposes by using these three top tips to embrace change.

(1) Appreciate what you have around you now and place your focus on what IS good about your current situation, the time, space and possibilities. Taste the fruits, the flavours, the juicy potential. Appreciate the new energy you are experiencing.

(2) Reflect on exactly what you have learnt from the last chapter – and think what are your needs? How can you nourish yourself and take care of yourself independently, mentally, physically and spiritually?

(3) Take time to carefully and consciously use these past learnings to set new boundaries – so you can stay in balance with your work, your life, your self and your relationship, friends and family.

Embrace the winds of change… and the softer sunshine too.