Life coach: The uplifting power of light

Guarana Salinas Beach Club

Spring has well and truly sprung here in Ibiza – if you’re lucky enough to be a resident you may have been rejuvenating yourself with walks on the beach, picnics and long lunches in the blissful warming sun. But chances are, if you live in England, Germany, Sweden or elsewhere in Northern Europe, you may not be feeling quite as bright as those in the Balearics.

Human beings are like flowers and trees. We are light-needing vessels that fill up with the vitamin D and energy (not to mention the vital warmth) that light and sunshine brings. We need warmth and light to grow and blossom, both physically and emotionally. Without a healthy dose of sunshine, you may find you feel lethargic, low, tired and generally not as ‘up’ or active and inspired as you do in spring and summer.

Not only does sunshine give a glow to our skin, vitamin D has also been shown to have mood-boosting benefits. It stimulates happy-making hormones, which promote a greater sense of wellbeing for our whole being. Research shows just how much lack of sun and light can significantly impact our health and happiness. The condition SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is now widely recognised, and cases of depression also skyrocket in winter and low-lit climates.

In a recent study by the British Research Forum, it was discovered that nearly 90 percent of British people are deficient in vitamin D by springtime. Vitamin D is vital for absorbing calcium, which fortifies bones and teeth. In the study, fifteen percent of the Brits tested showed a deficiency level that leads to rickets in children and a weakening of the bones in adults. The sun’s rays may even help sharpen our minds as a study in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry found that higher vitamin D levels enhances mental agility.

Yet with all the contra-indications from the skin cancer scares – how can you be sure to get enough sunshine, yet protect yourself from burning? Like everything in life – strike a balance! Take in doses of sunlight consciously, in moderation and ideally all year round. What better reason to jettison out of the office when you see that perfect sunshine moment? Or to jet off to Ibiza of course!

The last few weekends on the white isle have proven it’s already beach weather (as have the brave bods frolicking on the beach in swimsuits!), and it’s never too early to start topping up your Vitamin D levels. The sea is like a turquoise millpond: effervescent with dancing sparkles (even if it is a tad cold) and the quality of light is brilliant – literally. But remember these sunbathing tips:

• Bathe in the suns rays for two to three minutes each side
• Always wear sunscreen – even if it doesn’t feel like you’re burning
• Gradually build up your sun exposure, before you turn red

Avoid using sunbeds at all costs and if you feel too hot be sure to cover up and seek shade immediately. Enjoy the light – open your heart and arms wide and give thanks for this natural high that is a free gift from the universe… and Mother Nature!

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