Ibiza life coaching: Life flow secrets


Do you find yourself setting high standards for yourself and others, then beating yourself up if things look or feel less than absolutely perfect? Or do things happen according to plan for you? Do you feel your breath shortening, or do you feel anxious or stressed if things move and happen out of your control?

How would you like to be able to go with the flow more, to release the control enough that you can let go of the small stuff, and enjoy the big beauty of life in all of its colorful imperfections and intricacies? How would it feel to be able to accept more of your own human errors? Would you be able to breath – or even laugh – more easily?

The spiritualists among us believe in the motto ‘let go and let God’ – and in practice, once you have honestly done all that you personally can do the best of your abilities, there really is nothing more you can do beyond sitting back and allowing what is meant to be, to be.

And those spaces in time when we truly let go is when the magic can really happen!

To step into this zone of being calm and entered in yourself enough to be able to accept – and then embrace ‘what is’ requires a practice:

1. Take time each morning to breath consciously into your centre… Take a cup of tea, find a quiet place to sit and ground your feet into the earth. Bring your hands to your heart chakra / energy centre.

2. Appreciate how ‘divine timing’ and ‘divine intervention’ have come into play, daily for one week. At the end of each day reflect on, and/or write about five things you did not control that turned out ok, just fine, or even perfectly in their own way.

3. Trust, trust and practice trusting some more. Delegate. Let others do things for you. Say yes to offers of help and assistance and experiment with allowing more support into your life and enjoy the magical moments of the universe as you experience more synchronicity, more lightness, greater physical and emotional relaxation, joy and yes, even success in life.

As you relax into the flow you will be much more open to opportunities, fun, clients and experiences that colour your life fully!