Ibiza life coaching: Make sickness your friend


Even within the magical white island bubble of Ibiza, we do, on occasion, get sick. Yes, even us wellness teachers, practitioners and health specialists! Perhaps the difference with us, is that we see the sickness as something that benefits us, rather than popping pills to ‘keep it at bay’ (and to stop the head-rolling-off feeling) or to prevent a fever taking hold. We actually embrace it, stop everything and surrender fully to total rest.

All sounds to holier than thou? Well… let me continue.

It is completely normal – and healthy – for the body to have a good cold and flu purge twice a year, during the turn of the seasons – autumn/winter and winter/spring.

So why do so many of us resist?

Taking the time off work and life completely is rare for many of us, indeed, it often takes a full commitment to stopping just by booking into a retreat!

Yet how many of you readers have fallen ill during the first few days of holiday? Why? Because the nervous system finally slows down enough for your body to be relieved of the ongoing surges of adrenalin that have been keeping you going… and going… and going.

So why not make sickness your friend this year instead? Sounds silly, but give the pharmaceuticals and break and dive in deep to rest, meditate and sleep. Allow the body to regain its homeostasis naturally and you will genuinely experience many levels of physical and emotional healing. Think of it as simply an amazingly rare opportunity to take great care of yourself.

By stopping all the running and working and being ‘on’, you can turn your sickness into a much-needed self-care retreat. And who knows – when the mind slows down and the head feels foggy, you may even be able to listen to your inner-voice, that comes through with meditation and yoga practice…. insights, awareness and ‘ah-has!’ about what has caused you to become sick (people, stressful situations and anxious thoughts can be as strong as any virus) and help you live an altogether healthier life…

Follow these 4 top tips to do so:

1. When you feel a loss of energy, or the body is achy and heavy, rather than pushing through (and necking the extra espresso to keep going) try to book a pre-emptive day off to pre-cure and take good quality rest – sleep, listen to soft music, avoid loud abrasive TV shows, watch feel-good movies and comedies instead.

2. Boost your immune system by taking pure echinacea.

3. Eat some raw garlic (yes really – read more here) and other immune-boosting herbs to support your body to do what it does best and boost your wellbeing.

4. Drink ginger tea – also a recognised immune booster. Whilst being a natural antiseptic for sore throats, it is also known in Ayurvedic medicine for creating ‘inner heat’ which supports the body to sweat out the virus, toxins and impurities. Add lemon for extra healing oomph.

5. Book in for a reflexology session to have your organs fully recharged, to shift any blockages in the lungs and trachea (your internal breathing apparatus) that can be caused by phlegm and mucus, rejuvenate tired kidneys and allow adrenals to rest. Plus the reflexology is deeply relaxing – the best state of body and mind to be in for healing.

So as we leave this winter-into-spring, we encourage you to practice this natural detox of fever to sweat it out and cold to clear the toxins and purge the lungs of the illness and enjoy deeper, lasting healing.