Ibiza life coaching: Speaking the truth can set you free…


There is nothing like speaking your mind from your heart, getting things off your chest and out into the open right?

So why do most of us not do it more often? Let’s think about it…

Do you often find yourself holding back from saying what you feel because you are:

*Frightened of hurting someone else’s feelings?
*Worried about rejection?
*Don’t like or are afraid of conflict and want to maintain the status quo, even if this status quo does not feel good or right to you?

Most of the time, we hold back on saying how we really feel to protect others, the situation or yourself. Yet all of these reasons are driven by fears – as bullet-pointed above.

The greatest human need is for love and connection. As a human race, we depend on feeling part of the group, loved and accepted by our tribe or peer group because our survival depends on it!

Yet when you repress your inner-most feelings, your ‘truth’ about different matters, frustrations, bitterness and anger can boil up or simmer away, eating you up from the insides by creating inner stress and tension, aggravating your nervous system and depleting your immune system.

So how can we start to speak our truth, keeping the air between us and others clear and the vibes positive and loving?

Let’s consider the ancient Hindu and Chinese Medicine system of the Chakras, now being mapped out and recognised more and more by Western medicine traditions. There are seven key chakras, from the base of your sacram to the crown of your head. The fifth chakra (or energy vortex) is the chakra of the throat. The qualities of the throat chakra are speaking your truth, being able to communicate and express yourself clearly and easily and also, feeling heard and understood. When you are repressing your truth, you may have a cough, a tickle in your throat, a sore throat, aching neck or even, over long periods of time, develop potentially cancerous growths.

Five steps for speaking your truth from your heart
The importance of open and honest communication is vital for good health – and when you express yourself from the heart, in a soft and kind way, you will find this much easier!

*Sit with the person at the same level, keep your body language open
*Breath with them – this is the easiest way to get into rapport and listening at an unconscious level
*Smile and create eye contact
*Breathe long and deep – and ground through your feet and place your hands on your legs to come into your body fully (when you are in an anxious state, breathing becomes shallower and you get ‘stuck in your head’)
*Set a positive intention that what you say and share will be for the highest good of both of you

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