Ibiza life coaching: The power of now


Photography by Ana Lui

Have you noticed that, when you are really ‘present’ (and not thinking about the past or the future) problems and worries just seem to fade away? Have you experienced being so present that the hours fly by and you lose all track of time passing, because you are so completely immersed in your experience? Rather than being overwhelmed by enormous to do lists, wouldn’t you prefer to feel a blissful sense of trust that everything is happening just the way it needs to?

Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now has been an international bestseller. Interviewed on Oprah and profiled by leading mind-mastery specialists in many different forums, magazines and workshops worldwide, his book and CDs have permeated the mainstream because his tools, techniques and exercises really do work!

He recognises our power to change, to become everything we want to be, to experience the heightened positive emotions and feelings of real presence, all happens when we are engaged with present moment awareness.

So what does it all mean? (And how can we get some of that please?)

We are all made up of vibrating particles of energy and wherever we place our focus, whether we are looking at something carefully, listening out for a certain voice or letting our hair down to our favourite tune, feeling the rhythms pulse through our veins as we dance the night away, we experience it more fully because we are sending more energy that way.

Problems, worries and anxieties are all based on past experiences and beliefs, stored in our conscious (and unconscious) minds and absorbed from our environment during our brief stint on planet earth. It is believed they can even be carried over from our ancestry. We react to situations fearfully, give away our power to be happy, consciously or unconsciously setting limits on our potential because of something someone else has said, a journalist has written, our mothers or teachers told us was wrong or right or true.

We can only be in the now when our ego (the part of us that is supposed to protect us and, in doing so can trigger crazy thoughts, feelings and actions, from fear to defensiveness to jealousy) is quiet. When our ego is quiet we are free of meanings that were implanted by our environment.

How would you like to feel free to be who you really are? Put this practice into practice regularly, and as often as possible.

1. Put on one of your favourite pieces of music, whether reggae, ambient, chillout, classical. It should be layered, ideally with smooth grooves that help you relax.

2. Sit or stand in a relaxed posture so you can allow your hips to move with the music and begin to hum in tune with the harmonies or sing with the words.

3. Close your eyes and just focus on breathing in and out of your belly and keep feeling the music and the vibrations of the music inside of you.

4. Listen to the music, hear the sounds you are making and feel the vibrations of the music and keep feeling yourself in your body.

5. Do this for between two and four minutes or the whole duration of the song.

Open your eyes slowly and feel your body, feel your blood moving through your veins, your heart beating, feel how everything slows down, just feel yourself being you.

From this space, you can begin to enjoy being you more easily, to see concerns and anxieties, responsibilities and pressures in a different, brighter light. Experiment, enjoy and come back for the next instalment for more empowering ways to enjoy living in the now!