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Photography by Barbara Di Giacinto

When you hear the word ‘chocolate’ what sensory feelings are triggered? Or what about those famous three little words, ‘I love you’ compared to the words ‘disgusting’ or ‘hate’? What is it like to hear someone say ‘You look beautiful today’ – does this lift your spirits? Do you ever take the time to say it to yourself too?

Just like choosing organic foods rather than those full of pesticides or fresh and healthy rather than deep-fat-fried, finding the right words to enable and empower you is a fast-track to enjoying greater health and happiness, in body, soul and mind. Quite simply, it’s about speaking words that are food for your soul.

From quiet thoughts and conscious affirmations to words that are spoken or sung out loud, the vibrations are felt, consciously and unconsciously, by ourselves and others, on an emotional and physiological level.

Words of wisdom
See what happens when you say to yourself, ‘Everything is fine, life is good, I have everything I need to succeed and be happy’. Stop and take note for a moment, how your body position and breathing physically changes. Dr Masaru Emoto conducted studies on the effects of different word forms on water, in his book The hidden messages of water.

You can see dramatic differences between words spoken such as love and peace and those like hate. Most interestingly, it does not matter in which language! Whether Korean, German or English was being spoken, the form of the water crystal was beautiful, perfect even, when loving, positive words were spoken and fragmented, disrupted and damaged with words of anger, negativity or similar.

You can try it at home, with tap water. Tape a word like ‘nutrition’ around a bottle of water that you will be drinking throughout the day and ingest the vibration of this word. Emoto’s readers were inspired to do this and tested it out on cut plants – not surprisingly, those that received water that had been verbally infused with positive words and messages stayed healthier for longer.

The NLP TEA model sums this up.
create emotions which are manifested through our actions and behaviors. Quantum Physics has recognised, through our energetic vibrations that we do not even need to do as much as we think we do!  Manifesting our wishes and life goals all begins through deliberately setting positive intentions.

So just like a cup of herbal tea, give your body and mind the nourishment of speaking to yourself with the same care and tenderness as you would to your lover, your children or your best friends.

Create YOUR ultimate word-super smoothie!
1. Draw a picture of a large cocktail glass or champagne flute
2. Fill this with words and phrases, ideally using different coloured pens that help you feel positive, inspired, motivated and happy
3. Keep a diary of negative word patterns that you may hear yourself speaking, like, ‘that just isn’t good enough,’ or, ‘how could I have been so stupid?’.
4. For each negative phrase, create a positive one instead. ‘There is room for improvement,’ or, ‘That was a great learning experience so I will never do that again,’ as ways of reframing your experience positively.
5. Practice telling your life story the way you want it to be, thoughts create things and words create your experience of reality.

Nourish yourself with words of wisdom and from bad days and disappointments, talk to yourself about the life-enhancing learning experiences. As you lighten up your word-diet, with yourself and others, notice how life becomes lighter around you!

Illuminating, isn’t it?

Life coach Larah Davis, founder of Radiance Life Coaching and Ibiza Retreats is speaking about Verbal Nutrition at Healing Ibiza at Agroturismo Atzaró on May 1, 2011.