Bespoke rings: Natasha Collis

Wedding rings by Natasha Collis

While the exchanging of rings may be one of the most traditional elements in any Ibiza wedding, commissioning a bespoke wedding or engagement ring from Ibiza fine jewellery designer Natasha Collis ensures yours is truly one of a kind. Handmade here in Ibiza, Natasha spends time with each client to understand exactly what they want, incorporating their taste with her signature style.

‘I take into account whether they want something traditional or slightly quirky – I feel very responsible when making a wedding ring, as it becomes part of their lives forever,’ she says. Natasha’s simple wedding bands can be beautifully textured with many fine lines as the gold is melted together, giving them a handmade yet traditional feel.

Unique commissions have included a ring made from very thin rods of gold that have been fused together and stacked on top of one another, creating a very wide band. In between each gap is a pattern of diamonds and zodiac signs – the limit is your imagination and Natasha’s creativity… endless.

Wedding rings by Natasha Collis

Natasha’s signature ‘nugget’ style rings (above) are popular choices for modern-day brides and with bespoke pieces, Natasha can take family diamonds and gold, melt it down and recreate the ring in her own style. ‘I believe stones carry a lot of energy,’ she says. ‘So it’s important for me to feel that these people will have a happy marriage before I melt down Grandma’s ring!’

Additional wedding jewellery can also be custom created, from necklaces to match your wedding dress through to beautiful bridesmaids gifts. ‘People love to give gifts from the island,’ Natasha explains, and what could be more memorable than a keepsake such as Natasha’s coloured stone nugget rings (below).

Stacking Rings - colour

A bespoke ring takes between four to six weeks (minimum) to create, with diamonds or stones being set once a final fitting has been approved. Natasha, who hand makes each and every piece here on the island, prefers to work with 18 carat gold for it’s durability – after all, you won’t be taking it off, except for cleaning – and sources her diamonds, stones and gold in the UK. The cost of each piece varies, depending on the time, weight, components and work involved but generally starts at 300€.

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