Bridal beauty buzz: Smack Ibiza

Smack Makeup Ibiza, wedding hair & make-up

The 2012 trend forecast from Smack Makeup Ibiza to help you create your perfect look of love! ‘People getting married in Ibiza tend not to be the most conventional brides,’ says make-up artist Corina Smith. ‘But we do get all types – from those who want the bare minimum to the princess-weddings and fashionistas and 2012 has something for everyone.’

Vintage glamour
Vintage-inspired weddings are one of 2012’s biggest themes, proving popular with white isle brides wanting a retro, glamorous feel to their big day.

Makeup: ‘2012 will be a vintage revival,’ says Corina. ‘It’s been seen on all the catwalks and now it’s hitting the wedding scene. It’s all about the vibrant red lips, and very simple liquid eyeliner – the rest of the eyes should be bare but with lashings of lashes. Strong eyebrows also work with this look – we recommend going for an eyebrow tint and using eyeshadow one shade lighter than your skin tone to fill in the gaps. Hair: Smack hair expert Sara Muhammad suggests opting for classic 1940’s side parts and subtle finger waves suit the vintage look perfectly, adorned with big silk flowers or diamante pins for added glam factor. ‘Big bouncy blowouts are also an option,’ she says. After all, you’re the star of the show!

Vintage tip: Don’t be tempted to use waxy products to get that flawless, film-star complexion in the Ibiza heat or you risk your make-up melting! An airbrush foundation will do the trick and lasts long after your last guest leaves the building…

Smack Makeup Ibiza, wedding hair & make-up

Minimalistic elegance
Catwalk trends have been veering towards the fresh-faced look for some time now and you can thank the royal wedding for catapulting it to the top of the trend list!

Makeup: ‘We use muted, taupe tones on the eyes and highlighters to make them appear wide open and we accentuate the lash line with shadow, making it look completely natural,’ Corina explains. It’s so faint that in a photo it looks natural, but so much more striking than wearing nothing at all! ‘Skins are matte and highlighted with fresh shimmer – not too much, just the kind of flush you’d get from jogging around the block.’ As for lips? Same deal – a hint of tint, as if you’d bitten your lip is ideal, using a balm rather than a gloss for a more authentic appearance. Hair: ‘Keep it casual and unstructured, with beachy waves,’ says Sara. ‘If you’re too hot with your hair down, another great look for this is a ballerina bun high on the head. It’s the modern up ‘do and much softer, yet still sexy. Or for very long hair, a simple ponytail at the nape of the neck never goes out of style.’

Minimalistic tip: Don’t try this one at home! ‘People say they want minimal or natural looking makeup,’ says Corina. ‘But in reality, it takes even longer to create the perfect no make-up look than an avant garde creation. We need to prep the skin to avoid blotchiness in the heat, and prevent shine in your photos throughout the day. With airbrushing, you won’t feel like you have makeup on, but your skin will remain flawless all day.

Smack Makeup Ibiza, wedding hair & make-up

Bohemian babes
The summer of love is back once again as boho brides get their moment in the sun!

Makeup: Sunkissed skin is in, but not too much bronze – the trick is to look like you’ve just caught the sun on Salinas this morning. Steer away from sparkle and instead go OTT with lashes even Bambi would be jealous of. ‘We recommend eyelash extensions to all of our clients,’ says Corina – the doe-eyed look of the ‘70s is back! Hair: Show off your crowning glory by keeping it long, loose and wavy – keep it off your face with pretty headbands, pin it back with a flower in that true hippie spirit or incorporate little braids.

Bohemian tip: Be sure that the boho look matches your dress to avoid looking like an Ibiza cliche. In reality, while it looks great on Kate Moss, it may not go with your structured gown, and headband look out of place beneath a classic veil.

Smack Makeup Ibiza, wedding hair & make-up

Dramatic fashionista
Your wedding should be like your own personal fashion shoot – and if it’s edgy you want, then edgy you shall have!
Think sophisticated and dramatic, with full coverage foundation for a flawless finish and strong smokey eyes in complementary colours to really play up your features. ‘It’s more make-up than you’d wear on your average night out,’ Corina says, ‘But it is your wedding day after all!’ Hair: Sleek ‘up dos serve won’t detract from your make-up, but you can still add flowers or diamante hair pins. The half-beehive is another popular option if you don’t want one hundred percent drama, and adds a slightly retro feel.

Dramatic tip: You’re going to be kissing your guests all day long, so prep your lips like a canvas using lip liner to ensure you don’t have to touch up every five minutes. A layer of translucent powder between the liner and the lip colour will serve as a barrier and helps retain the colour. Top up with balm to avoid lips drying out.

Smack Makeup Ibiza, wedding hair & make-up