Ibiza interview: Sunny Jansen, Supperclub Novum Ibiza

Sunny Jansen, Supperclub Novum Ibiza

Up close and personal with… Sunny Jansen, Supperclub Novum Ibiza

Causing a stir in Ibiza this year is the news that Novum is opening its doors to Amsterdam’s world famous Supperclub. At the helm of the project is Supperclub Amsterdam’s famous hostess with the mostess, Creative/Performance Director and DJ Sunny Jansen. We caught up with Sunny as she was putting the finishing touches on the stylish Santa Gertrudis venue before its relaunch – adding deluxe white beds and decadent private dining, hiring the coolest staff and coordinating the best Balearic music and booking amazing performers – for the lowdown.

How did the fusion between Supperclub and Novum come about?
Novum actually found me, after talking about their plans for 2011 with some Dutch friends of mine who live in Ibiza. They wanted a character, a personality and so they suggested me… isn’t that so cute? I had secretly put it out there to the universe that I wanted to live in Ibiza… and it came to me! But I think it’s necessary to have something edgy and different like Supperclub in Ibiza and no one else was doing it – the timing was right.

How long have you been coming to Ibiza for?
I first came here about 15 years ago; I was invited by a Belgian Club called La Rocca who did a night at Pacha. I was wearing a red sequined devil dress and it just felt like coming home. Since then I’ve visited once or twice a year, but usually in May or September because I always came here to reload, not really socialise. But now I’m here and working, the Ibiza nightlife will see me – I’m looking forward to that.

Tell us a bit about the Supperclub concept and vibe?
It’s a concept restaurant that constantly tickles all your senses. We work with six pillars that must be in balance: food, art, performances, music, staff… and you. Our guests are a very important part of the concept. This is why Supperclubs are all white, because the people are the décor!

What did you think about the existing venue when you arrived?
When you first walk into Supperclub in Amsterdam, you have no idea what the space is like behind those gold doors – so when I saw the gold doors at Novum, it was like, oh! A golden door! It’s meant to be! We’re going to surprise people with the space – it was a challenge. We’ve moved things around and made it more intimate, we’ve added art installations, private dining rooms and a red bar like in Amsterdam. I keep promoting it as a magical place – because Ibiza is a magical place – and our garden will be a magical space in the sense of the Supperclub energy there.

What can we expect from a night at Supperclub Novum Ibiza?
It’s always different, We have performers from London, Amsterdam and Ibiza doing different shows and Jon Sa Trinxa is directing the music – it’s very important for us to respect the Balearic vibe. You’ll find Supperclub is like a family, each of our staff are amazing characters, with unique personalities, from the waiters to the chefs to the dishwashers. When you come here, it’s like you are coming to our house.

And where will we find you? Apart from appearing on the billboards!
I direct the night, artistically, creatively and help create a certain ambience. I’ll be mingling, walking around, performing, doing everything in my power to create a great night – I am a social butterfly, I love to give people a good time. I’m very curious about what the reaction will be!

Supperclub Novum Ibiza opens this Saturday.