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As a symbol of eternal love, the bond you share and the vows you’ve taken, your wedding rings become part of your lives forever. With a JOY Jewellery Wedding Ring Course you can pour even more of your love and energy into creating those perfect circles, spending a long weekend in Ibiza while making your own wedding rings in the beautiful surroundings of designer Cyd Hutton’s studio.

If you’re feeling reluctant (guys!) with thoughts that you’re not creative or artistic enough to do this, rest assured Cyd says absolutely anyone can do it. ‘Making a simple band is surprisingly easy,’ she says. ‘And I’m there every step of the way so you’re never left floundering on your own!’ She suggests allowing up to four days to make your own ring – usually it takes between two and three – in the studio, at a cost of 100€ per day which includes a delicious healthy lunch and all the expert coaching you need.

JOY Jewellery, wedding ring courseJOY Jewellery, wedding ring course

Bella and Dom (above) of Inspirals Cafe came to Ibiza with the specific purpose to create their wedding rings. ‘For anyone thinking about the ultimate personal gift for a loved one, then we assure you this has to be it,’ they say in their blog. ‘Cyd is a joy to be around, a wealth of support and information, and as well as being there every step of the way in terms of practical guidance, she took us through a sacred clearing process, ridding the gold, and ourselves, of any negative forces that might disrupt the harmony of our union.’

In terms of materials to create your wedding rings, Cyd is a champion of ethically mined and recycled gold, and encouages couples bring along ‘family gold’, such as odd earrings, broken chains, pieces that are no longer worn to melt it down in a pot and reuse it to create something even more special and sentimental. Metals can also be sourced upon request, with prices dependant on the materials chosen.

JOY Jewellery, wedding ring course

‘It’s like a journey you go on together’ says Cyd of the experience. ‘There are quite a few things throughout the course you can do together, such as melting the gold down, forming and moulding shapes and making decisions as a team. It can get quite spiritual depending on the couple, given the symbolism of what you’re making, that process of creating a circle that represents your marriage… it’s almost like a test run for the real thing!’

JOY Jewellery, Ibiza jewellery designer